What is another word for 'thong' in Spanish besides tanga?

What is another word for 'thong' in Spanish besides tanga?


I want to know what the word 'thong' means in Spanish. I heard you can say something like, ''la polola de un amigo mio usa tangas''. I heard and thought there was another word for thong in spanish. I hope someone could help me with this question. Thank you in advance!

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Bikini brasileño, methinks. That's for the string bikinis. Australians, I believe , refer to flip-flops as ' thongs' which is very confusing. The underpants are bragas tanga. I think, anyway, I've only tried the bikini version, myself.

Flip flops are sandalias de playa.

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Thongs/flipflops are chanclas here in Baja. - gringojrf, OCT 7, 2015
Americans use both thongs and flipflops for footwear. - gringojrf, OCT 7, 2015

Some terms to differentiate them from footwear.

v-string / t-string / g-string / full thong

thong panties, thong bikini

bombachas de tiras is the only other word I could find for tangas (most common). I saw no explanation as to whether tangas referred to a thong bikini or thong underwear or both.

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