Music is truly the royal road! Do you agree with me?

Music is truly the royal road! Do you agree with me?


That many of the popular spanish singers i.e.Shakira, Jose Feliciano Alejandro Fernandez, etc, are rich sources of quality vocabulary. Sometime it requires pursuing meanings through cultural nuances, but all in all a resource which should not be ignored. Music is truly the royal road!

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I do not exactly know waht you mean by writing "music is the royal road"?

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Euclid wrote," there is no royal road to geometry." This has been expanded to mean anything worth learning requires effort and study!. - 002262dd, OCT 4, 2009

I do agree. Music has always been a great learning resource. How many of us can remember songs or jingles we learned as children. We can quote every last word without hesitation. Because of the fact that music affects our intellect and emotions, we can sometimes learn ideas or concepts set to music much more quickly than if we were just memorizing from a book.

Although songs are not written with perfect grammar, the repetitive nature and use of word pictures really is helpful in learning even Spanish vocabulary. There are many words I have learned as a result of a song.

If you are looking for a good site to really put your theory to the test, try LoMas TV. This site costs about ten dollars monthly, but it provides music videos in Spanish, with English subtitles. You have the option of slowing the speed and can click on any word to learn its definition. I would recommend this for you since you have already discovered the power music has on our ability to learn.

Nicole B.

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I would only add to this by saying youtube has videos like this. I prefer to do spanish songs with SPANISH lyrics so I can both see and hear it. - ShaneCope, OCT 4, 2009
Sorry, I should have mentioned that they show both English and Spanish subtitles. - Nicole-B, OCT 4, 2009

Music has charms to soothe the savage breast (William Congreve 1697 )

How times have changed, perhaps you can say

In the 21st century, music has charms to excite the savage beast !

cool smirk

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