Homework Policing-A guide to effectively doing homework, as well as help people trying to do homework while using this website

Homework Policing-A guide to effectively doing homework, as well as help people trying to do homework while using this website

                                        **Homework Policing**

A guide to effectively doing homework, as well as help people trying to do homework while using this website

Table of Contents

0.0-A short Introduction 1.1-When should I give help? 1.2-How can I spot a potential "homework person"? 1.3-Suggestions by others 2.1-Basic Resources 2.2-A guide to how to properly ask for homework

Alright everyone! If you guys haven't been noticing (though it is very hard indeed to not notice) there has been many cases of people asking for homework help on this web site. Now, I'm not complaining about them asking for help, it's perfectly reasonable to ask questions when you don't understand something, but we SpanishD!cters (word I made on the spot, go Spanglish~) should not have to answer homework FOR other people! Therefore, I am writing this little article here, both for the SpanishD!cters that have to put up with the homework people, and also the homework people themselves.

For the SpanishD!cters (1)

As I stated before, I do believe that people that need help with homework should get help, but that help should have limits. There should be some key factors on deciding if we should actually help someone or not. Some of these factors should be: Did they ask politely? Did they use correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling? Did at least try the homework themselves and have shown that before asking? If the answer to all 3 of those questions is yes, then one should have no qualms about giving some help or suggestions to the person that is requesting help. However, if one of these requirements is not met, help should not be given.

How to spot a Homework person Homework people can usually be seeded out by following the signs. These include: 1) They have 0 reputation, 0 badges, and 0 points. 2) They ask for some common homework topics (ie: translation, unscrambling words, finding synonyms). 3) Their date of join is the current date

For Homework People (2)

Guys, we're not out to get you. We don't want to deny you a chance to complete the homework, so don't get the wrong idea. But we're not your slaves either, and you have to understand that homework is YOUR responsibility. That said, we WILL offer help, but not do the work for you. If you need help with things such as translations, why don't you check a translator? If you need help unscrambling something, why don't you go over the words you've learned recently and see if one matches? Try to display some effort first before you ask for help in this section. More often then not, you'll find that you'll get more done if you do that then rudely ask us to help you.

This article will be added to and be found in both Spanish and English when I have more free time. Expect more references, links to translators, and some opinions from other SpanishD!cters

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I'm glad that everyone has similar opinions to me on this subject smile. Like I said in my article, I'll be sure to update it often so that it doesn't come across as some sort of rant, include suggestions from others, and put quick links so that this article can be used for people that are new to the site. Personally, I know that we'll always have people that demand help with homework, I'm just hoping the raise some awareness on this topic, and MAYBE, just MAYBE get some of them to give some thought to their studies before asking us. wink I'll be sure to update this right after I finish MY homework XD. (Would it be weird for me to say that I actually enjoy my Spanish homework because i can try out new sentences and string together new combinations of words? XD)

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