what is the english translation for the spanish "Regresare" and "Volvere"?

what is the english translation for the spanish "Regresare" and "Volvere"?


what is the difference between "Regresaré" and "Volveré"?

updated SEP 27, 2009
posted by Craig-Muhammad

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Intersting question. So here is the opinion of this beginner.

Volver and regresar can be interchangeable for "I'll be back" or "When are you coming back?". However I have found, and use, "volver" for a short time period and in the present tense (five minutes to the following day or more) -- "Vuelvo de pronto" or "Vuelvo a verte mañana"

I use "regresar" for a longer time period and use the future tense. Say I am in Mexico and will be back in 3 months, I would say "Adiós mi viejo amigo, regresaré en tres meses."

Now I also use "volverse" for "to turn around" -- I think this needs to be preceded by "dar". ( "Date un vuelta y mira." = "Turn around and look")

If you are returning a book to the library or a tire wrench to a friend I use "regresar". "Volver" is not used for returning something to it's place, or to someone.

OK any corrections are very welcome.

updated ABR 21, 2010
posted by Daniel
I think you mean "mi amigo viejo" unless you are talking about a friend who is an older person vs. someone who has been a friend for a long time. - ocbizlaw, SEP 27, 2009

more common here is otro vuelvo .

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posted by albert-fabrik-

Id say Volver = return, as in... return to a place And Regresar - To go back to , a relationship, maybe

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posted by amyfreelance
Many people say "Ya regreso" for "I'll be right back." - --Mariana--, SEP 26, 2009
I've heard it used that way often too....Ya regreso...I'll be right back - arnold3, SEP 26, 2009

Why did you open a new topic when you already asked this?

They both mean "I'll be back."

updated SEP 26, 2009
posted by --Mariana--
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