HomeQ&AI would like to practice my Spanish skills more. Would anyone be interested in helping me?

I would like to practice my Spanish skills more. Would anyone be interested in helping me?


I am in Spanish III. I feel like I have lost my Spanish "touch". I am struggling. Last year mi maestra didn't speak much Spanish to us and didn't really care if we added the accentos or not. Now this year is different. I am re-teaching myself accentos. :/ I also struggle with conjugations. I think that if I had someone to communicate with often I would feel more confident with my Spanish skills. Muchas Gracias!! smile

updated NOV 2, 2009
posted by madeline3

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You are at the right place! Just do your lessons, look alot at the questions, find other ways to big up your studies, and you'll do fine. There are so many different people here that speak all kinds of different spanish, you can't help but get better just hanging around and watching what the peeps here say. Don't worry, you'll do just fine! wink

updated NOV 15, 2009
posted by ChamacoMalo

Try meetup.com I found a Spanish group that meets weekly in my area. It's just a bunch of average people of different Spanish speaking levels who get together to practice their Spanish. If there's not a Sanish Meetup group in your area, try to start one.

updated NOV 2, 2009
posted by kkristenme

Si quieres practicar entonces ¿por qúe no intentas escribir tus preguntos y respuestos en español? Hay muchas personas aquí las que pueden ayudarte. smile

If you want to practice then why don't you try to write your questions and answers in Spanish. There are a lot of people here that can help you.

updated NOV 2, 2009
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posted by Izanoni1
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