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whatr does reistas mean in english


I lived in costa rica and my tico friend called me REISITAS and said it meant little smiles is spelling correct, I know it is a form of tico slang.

Thank you, Reisitas

updated ABR 9, 2012
posted by DACK
Thank you for you help I am not sure of spelling only what means and how it was spoken as many very good friends called me this. I am gratful for any help. - DACK, SEP 22, 2009

2 Answers


reistas meas recipes in Spanish that is what it means smile

updated SEP 22, 2009
posted by jasminelopez23
I thought that was "recetas"... :) - Valerie, SEP 22, 2009

little smiles... he called you "risitas" = "giggles"

updated SEP 23, 2009
posted by chileno
And we have a winner! - Goyo, SEP 22, 2009
Indeed! chileno, good job) - 00494d19, SEP 23, 2009
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