I was just saying it to bust Q's chops like I often like to do


I am quoting Charlius here, I wonder if this an idiom. What are chops here?

Sounds funny, I love funny! lol

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We might say, "He is always busting my chops" to say that some guy incessantly gives me a hard time. This is often said of people in the work environment.

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Why oh why oh why oh why can I not post a link?!?
greg in any case, we dont talk about pelotas here, jeje
Jejeje ok... huevos then.

There are at least two different contexts. One is to harrass someone and the other is to punch them in the mouth. Give me a moment to post a link to the other context.

bust your chops

punch on jaw or mouth

Just make sure that you stick to the first context. cool grin

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omg, so charlius is going to hit you?? hmm, where is this fight going to takee place?? I dont want to miss it! lol
You know what they say...With friends like these, who needs enemies?
jejeje heidi i got it right :)

yes, it is- it is saying is pulling someones strings- in this case Charlius- in other worlds the author gets a kick from getting a reaction out of Charlius (usually angry one ). chops is jaws you know how the jaws move when we humans talk.

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