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Verification Email


I am new to the site and need to send the verification email. I used my work email address and have yet to recieve the verification email. Usually if something comes from a questionable website I will get a "whitelist" email but I have not received anything. I have attempted to send the verification email several times over the last two days with no luck. I am on a protected server. If I can't get around the server problem, how can I change my email address to send the verification email to another email? Thanks for your help.

updated SEP 9, 2009
posted by kanetha

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Usually to verify an email address, you have to receive and answer the email from that address. That prevents anyone from verifying an address that does not belong to him. What you can do is create a Gmail account , use it for this website only and configure it to have all messages forwarded to your work address.

updated JUL 4, 2011
posted by 00e657d4
I have a personal account that I can use, I need to know how to change the email I originally entered for this site in order to send it there. - kanetha, SEP 9, 2009

Your explanation of your situation is a bit confusing. At one point your say that you have yet to receive the verification email, but later you say that you have tried to return it unsuccessfully.

Are you saying that SpanishDict.com sent you an email requesting verification of your email address? That, in itself, seems odd as apparently you are a member if you are posting your question. Usually when a site requests email address confirmation it must be responded to before your registration is processed.

It sounds like you are saying that you can receive email from SpanishDict at your email address, but cannot send a reply back to SpanishDict. That is a function of your mail server's protection policy. It may not allow emails containing private information or any outgoing emails at all.

If you wish to change your email address, go to your profile page and click on edit my account on the lower, left hand side of the page. You can enter a new email address there.

updated SEP 9, 2009
posted by 0074b507
I apologize for the confusion, I have NOT received any emails from this site at all. I have tried to resend verification emails to myself unsuccessfully. - kanetha, SEP 9, 2009
There was not an edit my account button on my page, but I happened to click on the change my avatar link and it took me to the edit page where I could also change my email. Thank for leading me in the right direction. - kanetha, SEP 9, 2009
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