How would you say "The girl hiking in the mountains" ?

How would you say "The girl hiking in the mountains" ?


I am sending a picture to someone of their girlfriend on a fabulous, difficult hike in the mountains and want to title it "Shelley hiking in the mountains."

Thanks for your assistance.

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In the lessons here at this site they used the phrase ir a excursión for hiking.

More generally, Spanish does use the gerund as a adjective (it just doesn't use it as a noun like we do in English).

Fredbong could have said Shelley, escalando las montanas

Using our phrase, perhaps, we could label the picture: Shelly, yendo a excursión en las montañas.

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I was looking for what the lessons had called it but couldn't find it. - Fredbong, SEP 8, 2009
The lessons called hiking senderismo, perhaps you could say subiendo las montañas. - kenwilliams, SEP 8, 2009

Edit: Oh dear, I forgot, you're supposed to try to translate these things yourself before asking for help, try to do that in the future. Hopefully they'll let it slide just this once.

I know there is a better way of saying it, but if I had to put something I would say "Shelley escalaba las montañas."

Which in spanish would translate directly as "Shelley (was) climbing the mountains." In this context it would be like "(when this picture was taken) Shelley was climbing the mountains."

Someone else will probably help you out better.

Another way of saying it might be "Cuando Shelley estaba escalando las montañas." When Shelley was climbing the mountains." But this is more of a reply, I think, for when someone asks you "when did that(like when she broke her leg) happen?"

I would use the first one but the second one might do in a pinch.

If you wait someone with more confidence will probably answer, I think there is a way to say it using only an infinitive too.

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