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How can I describe one or two differences in Spanish and Irish culture??


I need one or two differences between Irish and Spanish culture, which I can express in a simple way in Spanish.

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Hi Grace,

This might take a bit more research on your part.

Here are links to two sites that discuss, in English, the Irish and Spanish cultures, respectively. Once you have found a couple of differences between the two that you would like to express in Spanish, you could bring them back and repost what you want to say along with an attempted translation in Spanish.

If you do this, I think that you may find that you will receive a much better response to your question as most people on this site will not be willing to do all of your research for you.

Perhaps the links that I have provided can get you started. Hope to hear back from you soon. grin

Irish Culture

Latin Culture

Buenas Suerte

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uno o dos diferencias entre la cultura española y la cutura irlandesa. LOL

I think your title was worded (or edited) incorrectly. Sorry, I can't answer your question.

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