HomeQ&AHow would i translate "how was it?" in Spanish if I am talking to a colleague about a wedding? Thanks!

How would i translate "how was it?" in Spanish if I am talking to a colleague about a wedding? Thanks!


If I already starting talking to someone about a wedding and I want to ask how it went, do I say "¿Cómo se fue?"


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Well I would say "qué pasó" or lo pasó bien providing he knew we were talking about the wedding.

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Thanks! What does Como se fue mean, then? - Mikamocha, SEP 3, 2009

If we are talking about a wedding and somebody asks: "how was it", we must translate: "¿Cómo estuvo?" Qué pasó basically means: what happened

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Hello, if you want to know about what happen into the wedding, you should ask "¿Cómo estuvo? ¿Cómo estuvo la boda?

May be they can answer to you: It was good, or it was boring, or it was amazing, etc.

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Ricardo is right, qué pasó is not a good choice here.

¿Qué tal fue?

¿Cómo fue?

Ricardo , en España usamos más fue que estuvo.

Mika, this would mean

"¿Cómo se fue?" How did she leave.

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Refering to a wedding and wanting to know how it went….(preterit ser)

¿Cómo es? What is it like? (present indicative…simple and pure)

¿Cómo era? (imperfect past)What was it like?....(as in)…denotes an on going process over or across time. The living past. What would happen, were/was going on at a point in time. Can even denote something that took place in the past and continues to today…etc.

¿Cómo fue? (preterite past)What was it like? The preterite merley reports that something took place. I came, I saw, I conquered.

He did go…He went. Went is a preterite. How did something go (went). Unfortunately, in English, we can not say …How did it went.

I wonder how it went…(this is an idiomatic expression)...and is the same as saying: “I wonder how it did go”

So, ¿Cómo fue? ?

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