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The order of adjective and noun in spanish


i see adjectives are usually put behind nouns but sometimes before nouns too. so i wonder what the rule is.

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I suggest that you search previous threads as there are several on this topic and read about restricting (limiting) and non-restricting adjectives according to where they are placed in relation to the noun.

[adjective location sample thread][1]

[1]: Adjectives before or after the noun

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Once again...qfreed comes up with another outstanding link. Thanks, that was definitely worth reading. - Izanoni1, AGO 31, 2009

certain adjectives can be put in front of nouns such as bueno and malo (buen and mal) and primero and tercero (primer and tercer)

from a grammatical standpoint id have to say that all of the adjectives that could be put first can also be put last. so to be safe, its always nice to put them last. but if youre just curious, i dont exactly know why. i do know that french has the same thing where some adjectives can go first. in french, words like "new" and "pretty" can also be put first.

sorry im not that helpful.

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You also have to consider the point that the adjective can alter the meaning if it is put before the noun.

un hombre grande - a large/big man

un gran hombre - a great man (not in size but stature)

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