Flash card correction 4.12

Flash card correction 4.12


The flash card for La Flauta is given as flue - it should be flute.

updated SEP 21, 2009
edited by 00494d19
posted by ian-hill
Ian, you are in for itt!!! wrong category!! - 00494d19, AGO 27, 2009
tú lo que quieres es verme en tus hilos...CONFIESA!!! lol - 00494d19, AGO 27, 2009
What category should it be in Heidi? - ian-hill, AGO 27, 2009
Claro que quiero verte en mis hilos Heidi. - ian-hill, AGO 27, 2009

1 Answer


You're correct; however, instead of posting a question, press the feedback button on the top-left and select "Report a translation mistake."

updated SEP 21, 2009
posted by BobFijiwinkle
Or send me a private message directly. I am the one who fixes them, so once I get it, I can fix it immediately. - Paralee, AGO 27, 2009
What "feedback" button? I couldn't find it. - ian-hill, AGO 27, 2009
It is the yellow button on the top left side of each page. - Paralee, AGO 27, 2009
I can't find the button you refer to Paralee. - ian-hill, SEP 21, 2009
Paralee I have sent you several PMs but not had a reply yet. - ian-hill, SEP 21, 2009
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