When do I use "mi" vs. "mío"? Also: "Tu" vs. "tuyo"?

When do I use "mi" vs. "mío"? Also: "Tu" vs. "tuyo"?


When is correct to use "tuyo" and when is it correct to use "tu"? Also, "mi" and "mío"?

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That last response may have been a little unclear (at least, it was to me)

mi, mío, mía, tu, tuyo, tuya can be long and short form possessive adjectives and may have nothing to do with possessive pronouns (el mío, la mía, el tuyo, la tuya, etc.)

Apparently it needs to be answered one million and one times.

The short form possessive adjective is used before the noun and the long form possessive adjective is used after the noun.

mi libro

el libro mío

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Please, please, please do a forum search before you ask a question. This question has been answered a million times, probably. tongue laugh Here are some links:

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thank u so much, I am sooooo new to the site........gracias - lms8747on2, AGO 24, 2009
Mind you Nick, if he/she did a search on "toyo" it would take him/her to this thread. - Eddy, AGO 25, 2009
That's true. I totally missed the wrong spelling of "tuyo" :-P - Nick-Cortina, AGO 25, 2009
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