if you get flagged, do you receive an update or do you have to go see what you got flagged on? can you see what you were flagged on?

actually, i think i just figured out what happened...i thought when you voted somebody up on something they couldn't take it back, well they could, but you would still get the points?? please answer...

updated SEP 4, 2009
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Well, I am not really sure, because I was not aware that someone could take back a vote, but I think that if they could then you would no longer get the points for the vote they took back. Also, I think that when you get flagged, you get an update, saying that you have lost 10 points. Again, I am not really sure, but I hope that helps.

updated SEP 4, 2009
posted by Theet

Hi Sarah, all we know about the reputation system is this.


As Eddy and I tried it out on ourselves, we know that flagging discounts 10 points, and you can see it on your page. You can also click on the link which appears on your page and it will take you directly to the post you were voted on or flagged for.

updated SEP 24, 2009
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