rules for using ` and ~.TT

rules for using ` and ~.TT


What are the rules for using ` and ~ ?

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your accent mark is point the wrong way for Spanish. - 0074b507, AGO 13, 2009
that one is "grave" ò, you need the "acute" one (áéíóú) - 0074b507, AGO 14, 2009

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The accent ´ is called acute, and it shows where the stresses vowel of the word is.

The accent ` is called grave, and it does not exist in Spanish. It is used in languages like French.

The tilde ~, although it is said to modify the sound of the n, it is actually part of the letter, and it is never used anywhere else. You cannot put this symbol whenever you want, for n and ñ are different letters and they are used in different words for different meanings. For example, "año" means year, but "ano" means "anus" (yes, that hole), and the word "cono" means "cone" (maths), but written with ñ, it is a rude slang for vagina in Spain. As you can see, there are no rules about using ~, but a letter that does not exist anywhere else called Ñ.

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Below is a link to the Reference section article on the use of accent marks (tildes)


As for the mark that we call a tilde in English ~ I can't think of any uses for it besides creating the letter ñ (Ñ). In English I know of some uses of it in computer coding and in math and logic symbols, but off the top of my head, I can't think of anything else Spanish uses it for. Wait for some other comments.

Definition: A mark that is placed on a letter to indicate that it has a different pronunciation than it would otherwise, or to indicate that the word has a different meaning than it would otherwise.

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