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Lazarus' list of 194 of the most commonly used Spanish verbs


In another post about irregular verb, Lazarus said:

These 70 irregular verbs have been taken from a list that includes 194 of the most commonly used verbs in Spanish (the other 124 are regular):

abrir², acordar, acostar, andar, caer, cerrar, comenzar, conducir, confiar, conocer, conseguir, construir, contar, continuar, corregir, costar, crecer, dar, decir, divertir, dormir, elegir, empezar, encontrar, entender, escribir, estar, freír, haber, hacer, ir, jugar, llover, morir, mover, nacer, oír, oler, parecer, pedir, pensar, perder, poder, poner, preferir, probar, producir, prohibir, querer, recordar, reír, repetir, saber, salir, seguir, sentar, sentir, ser, servir, soltar, soñar, sugerir, suponer, tener, traducir, traer, valer, venir, ver, volver.

² the past patiple is "abierto"

Here's the link to the irregular verbs post

Lazarus, could you please give us the remaining 124 verbs on this list of the "most commonly used verbs in Spanish?"

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Maybe it already existed and I couldn´t find it, but I created a flashcard set of the 70 common irregular verbs from Lazarus´list @ http://www.spanishdict.com/flashcards/show/21427 - mrmark, NOV 10, 2009

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I don't know why I said 194. I've checked my lists again, and there are only 172. ohh

Anyway, there are at least exactly 70 irregular ones. These are the other 102 regular ones:

aburrir, acabar, alegrar, amar, aprender, ayudar, bailar, bajar, bañar, beber, besar, buscar, cambiar, cantar, coger, comer, comparar, comprar, comprender, conectar, confirmar, congelar, contestar, copiar, correr, cortar, crear, creer, deber, decidir, dejar, descansar, dirigir, disculpar, duchar, dudar, durar, echar, educar, empujar, encantar, enseñar, entrar, escuchar, esperar, estudiar, explicar, faltar, fumar, ganar, gastar, girar, gustar, hablar, importar, intentar, invitar, lavar, leer, levantar, limpiar, llamar, llegar, llenar, llevar, llorar, localizar, marchar, matar, meter, mirar, molestar, necesitar, ocurrir, odiar, olvidar, pagar, parar, pasar, permitir, pintar, practicar, preguntar, pronunciar, quedar, responder, resultar, saltar, significar, subir, tardar, terminar, tirar, tocar, tomar, trabajar, unir, usar, vender, viajar, visitar, vivir

Note: I am including as regular all those verbs whose pattern can be obtained following fixed rules, almost mathematically. Verbs like "creer" are perfectly regular, but they are commonly included as irregular, probably because people who write books don't understand the Spanish regular conjugation. In that list, buscar educar, explicar, practicar, significar, tocar, llegar, pagar, coger, dirigir, creer, leer and localizar undergo regular orthographic modifications, so they are still regular.

This list (and many others) has been produced using a written frequency search, but it has been manually modified to include verbs more used in spoken Spanish. Many people have come and made suggestions and modifications, but there is still room for improvement, so suggestions to include or remove verbs are more than welcome.

updated NOV 10, 2009
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Thank you so much for this....it's fabulous! I think a lot of us who study Spanish regularly want to check that we're on the right track and not missing something as basic as the most used verbs. - --Mariana--, AGO 13, 2009

While you're waiting for him here is a site to play on to pass the time. It's a set of flashcards with 100 commonly used verbs (with meanings). (click the study tab to get to the player).

100 common verbs

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Thanks! - --Mariana--, AGO 13, 2009
Interesting website. - john20, SEP 1, 2009

Oh, while I was looking for another post I found this one, very useful,. I will include it in the reference section.

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