New Spanishdict Site

New Spanishdict Site


You have all had a chance to run your fingers over the new site. I am just trying to get a little feedback from you. I know we still have some bugs to sort out which we hope to resolve sooner rather than later, but what are your initial reactions. Is the new layout an improvement? Are the facilities easy to find? Is the dictionary any better with its identification of conjugated verbs? How about the conjugation tool? Fire away.

updated ENE 13, 2012
posted by Eddy
Some problems with the dictionary, and with the conjugation tool (pronominal verbs) have been pointed out, and they are looking for solutions. - hhmdirocco, AGO 11, 2009
I suggest we close this thread, so as to not get it confused with the N E W New SD thread! - Gekkosan, ENE 13, 2012

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It's beautiful, it truly is, very clean and easy navigation, although I do miss the old forum more interactive with other members ( but I do remember the similar answers system before the forum, if i remember correctly)

Overall its great, just more difficult for overall interaction with everyone.

updated AGO 10, 2009
posted by brandon2

Well, I haven't used the new site much. Said that, overall, the changes are a big step ahead, but, besides what other members have already posted, there are some annoyances and drawbacks of this new design.

  1. I feel the new interface has too much information, it's not easy to read and some texts are too small. To say something, I think number of 'badges', 'reputation', etc. it's not useful in the answers page because the size of the texts are too small and so are the avatar pictures.

  2. As I'm writing this line I'm noticing some auto-formatting is taking place. I hate 'auto-corrections'. It's annoying. I would rather an only text edit box. The user should have the option to enable/disable this feature.

  3. The color of the visited links aren't being changed. They remain the same.

  4. It seems the option to list someone's posts is not available anymore. In the previous site, I even had the option to search for my username and I found them like that. Now, if I search for "Pablo_" or other username, I don't get any of the intended messages.

That's all for now. Anyway, I invite you to read this article:

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design http://www.useit.com/alertbox/9605.html

and all the articles under 'Other Top-10 Lists'. I think those articles should be useful as a reference.

Thank you,


updated AGO 10, 2009
posted by Pablo_
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