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can any one provide the english translation as well?


As a newbie I find it extremely inconvenient that the espanol sentences are not accompanied by corresponding english equivalent. For instance, lets look at the first sentence,

se necesita un doctor con 5 anos de experience.

What would be the english translation of this? As of english, a passive voice means something like this:

he was killed by you (active voice: you killed him).

But this thing here does not correspond to anything in english passive voice.

It would be great that english translations are provided along with examples/exercises in all the reference sections.


updated AGO 9, 2009
posted by amishera

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If you mean a translation that reflects the syntax of the Spanish (which often does not make for a good translation): A doctor with five anuses of experience is needed. Taking a wild guess, I'd imagine that the original had "años" instead of "anos", in which case it would be "five years" rather than "five anuses". Instead of "is needed" at the end, you could make it "One needs" at the beginning of the sentence without substantially affecting the meaning. Basically the "se necesita" is an impersonal way of making the statement without specifying any particular subject (that does the "needing").

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Hace falta un médico con cinco años de experiencia.

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posted by DonBigoteDeLaLancha

A doctor with five years of experience is needed.

updated AGO 9, 2009
posted by Lee_aspitarte
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