May 08

(adjective) incomprehensible

  1. 1:

    Cuando la novia huyó de su boda, todos quedaron sorprendidos. El pobre novio no pudo entender algo tan incomprensible.

    When the bride ran away from her wedding, everyone was surprised. The poor groom couldn't understand something so incomprehensible.

  2. 2:

    Dentro de la carta Enrique leyó una cosa incomprensible. Su padre reveló que Enrique tenía un hermano gemelo que había sido adoptado por otra familia.

    In the letter, Enrique read something incomprehensible. His father revealed that Enrique had a twin brother who was adopted by another family.


  1. The 2nd example sentence is part of our Word of the Day "novela" series. Check it out from the beginning on May 1 and stay tuned tomorrow for the next chapter!