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you look beautiful

you look beautiful
1. (general)
a. te ves hermoso (informal singular)
You look so beautiful for your wedding day.Te ves tan hermosa para el día de tu boda.
b. te ves precioso (informal singular)
Wow! You look beautiful in that picture!¡Guau! ¡Te ves preciosa en esa foto!
c. te ves bello (informal singular)
You look beautiful in that dress.Te ves bella en ese vestido.
d. te ves lindo (informal singular)
You look beautiful. Are you a model?Te ves lindo. ¿Eres modelo?
e. te ves guapo (informal singular)
You know what? You really look beautiful today.¿Sabes qué? Hoy sí que te ves guapa.
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