you are beautiful

usage note
Although it is most often used when referring to a female, this phrase may also be said to a very handsome man or child. In such cases, the adjective must be used in the masculine, as shown in 2).
you are beautiful
1. (addressed to a female) 
a. eres bella 
You are beautiful because you have an honest heart.Eres bella porque tienes un corazón honesto.
b. eres hermosa 
You are beautiful, but you're also mean.Eres hermosa, pero también mala onda.
c. eres preciosa 
You know you're beautiful, right?Ya sabes que eres preciosa, ¿verdad?
d. eres guapa 
Wow, you are beautiful. Can I have your number?Guau, eres guapa. ¿Me das tu número de teléfono?
2. (addressed to a male) 
a. eres bello 
You are beautiful," Narcissus said to his own reflection."Eres bello," le dijo Narciso a su propio reflejo.
b. eres hermoso 
You are beautiful to me, my son.Para mí eres hermoso, hijo.
c. eres precioso 
You are beautiful, child.Eres precioso, niño.
d. eres guapo 
What a beautiful little boy you are, Connor.Qué niño tan guapo eres, Connor.
you are beautiful
1. Eres bonita.
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