yo tampoco roughly translates to me neither. Showing results for tampoco.


1. (general) 
a. neither 
Nosotros no fumamos ni él tampoco.We don't smoke and neither does he.
Yo tampoco lo entiendo, pero ocurrió.I don't understand it either, but it happened.
c. nor 
No he sido invitado en esa casa, ni tampoco lo seré.I haven't been a guest in that home, nor will I ever be.
1. (general) 
a. neither, not… either 
ella no va y tú tampocoshe's not going and neither are you o and you aren't either
yo no voy — yo tampocoI'm not going — neither am I o me neither
yo tampoco lo veoI can't see it either
no me gusta éste ni ése tampocoI don't like this one or this one either
¡tampoco nos íbamos a presentar sin un regalo!we were hardly going to turn up without a present!
tampoco es que me importe muchoit's not as if it matters much to me
tampoco vendría mal descansar un pocoit wouldn't be a bad idea to have a little rest, a little rest wouldn't come amiss
1 not ... either; neither; nor
yo no lo compré tampoco I didn't buy it either; tampoco lo sabe él he doesn't know either; ni Ana ni Cristóbal tampoco neither Ana nor Cristóbal; —yo no voy —yo tampoco "I'm not going" — "nor am I o neither am I o me neither"; —yo no fui —yo tampoco "I didn't go" — "nor did I o neither did I o me neither"; —nunca he estado en París —ni yo tampoco "I've never been to Paris" — "neither have I o me neither"; —¿lo sabes tú? —tampoco "do you know?" — "no, I don't either"
2 (uso enfático)
tampoco nos vamos a enfadar ahora por eso we're not going to fall out over that, are we?; bueno, tampoco es como para ponerse a llorar it's not as if it's anything to cry about
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