yo no quiero

yo no quiero
1. (I don't wish to; first person singular) 
A mis padres les gustaría que estudiara derecho, pero yo no quiero.My parents would like me to study law, but I don't want to.
2. (I don't wish; first person singular) 
Yo no quiero ir a casa de la tía Elvira, mamá. Me aburro mucho allí.I don't want to go to auntie Elvira's, mom. I get very bored there.
3. (I don't feel affection for; first person singular) 
Yo ya no quiero a mi esposo y me voy a divorciar.I don't love my husband anymore, and I'm going to get divorced.
Yo no quiero a este país. Lo he pasado fatal desde que vine a vivir aquí.I don't like this country. I've had a very hard time since I came to live here.
¿Cómo puedes decir que yo no quiero a mi perro?How can you say I'm not fond of my dog?
4. (I don't intend; first person singular) 
Aunque yo no quiero hacerte daño, comprenderás que tengo que ser fiel a mis sentimientos.Although I don't mean to hurt you, you must understand that I have to be true to my feelings.
Yo no quiero ser antipático, pero la verdad es que tu amigo me cae fatal.I'm not trying to be nasty, but the truth is that I don't like your friend at all.
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