yo [ˈjəʊ]
(as greeting) ¡hola!; (to attract attention) ¡eh!; ¡oye!;
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1. (subject) 
a. I 
Yo soy su hermana. I am her sister.
2. (in comparisons) 
a. me 
Ella es más joven que yo.She is younger than me.
masculine noun
3. (psychology) 
a. ego 
Tu yo es tu esencia.Your ego is your essence.
Usually omitted as a personal pronoun in Spanish except for emphasis or contrast.
personal pronoun
1. (sujeto) I
  • yo me llamo Luis I'm called Luis
2. (predicado)
  • soy yo it's me
  • yo de ti/él/etc if I were you/him/etc
  • yo que tú/ él/etc (informal) if I were you/him/etc
masculine noun
3. (Psi)
  • el yo the ego
personal pronoun
1 (sujeto) I
Carlos y yo no fuimos Carlos and I didn't go; yo no soy de los que exageran I'm not one to exaggerate; ¡y yo que confiaba en ti! and to think that I trusted you!; yo que tú if I were you; —¿quién es? —soy yo "who is it?" — "it's me"; —¿quién lo dijo? —yo no "who said that?" — "not me"; lo hice yo misma I did it myself
2 (en comparaciones, después de prep) me
es más delgada que yo she is slimmer than me o than I am; que esto quede entre tú y yo this is between you and me; nos lo comeremos entre tú y yo we'll eat it between us
el yo the self; the ego
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