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yo [ˈjəʊ]
(as greeting) ¡hola!; (to attract attention) ¡eh!; ¡oye!;
Usually omitted as a personal pronoun in Spanish except for emphasis or contrast.
personal pronoun
1. (sujeto) I
  • yo me llamo Luis I'm called Luis
2. (predicado)
  • soy yo it's me
  • yo de ti/él/etc if I were you/him/etc
  • yo que tú/ él/etc (informal) if I were you/him/etc
masculine noun
3. (Psi)
  • el yo the ego
personal pronoun
1 (sujeto) I
Carlos y yo no fuimos Carlos and I didn't go; yo no soy de los que exageran I'm not one to exaggerate; ¡y yo que confiaba en ti! and to think that I trusted you!; yo que tú if I were you; —¿quién es? —soy yo "who is it?" — "it's me"; —¿quién lo dijo? —yo no "who said that?" — "not me"; lo hice yo misma I did it myself
2 (en comparaciones, después de prep) me
es más delgada que yo she is slimmer than me o than I am; que esto quede entre tú y yo this is between you and me; nos lo comeremos entre tú y yo we'll eat it between us
el yo the self; the ego
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