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yerba [yerr’-bah]
1. HIERBA, which is the modern spelling of this word. (f)
2. Herb, a generic name for all the smaller plants. (f)
3. Flaw in the emerald which tarnishes its luster. (f)
4. Grass (see plural). (f)
  • Pisar buen -> or mala yerba, to be of a good or bad temper
  • Yerba carmín -> Virginian poke
  • Yerba de cuajo -> V
  • Yerba doncella -> periwinkle
  • Yerba piojera -> stavesacre
  • Yerba de mar or marina -> Sea-weed
  • Yerba del Paraguay -> Paraguay tea or maté
noun, plural
5. Greens, vegetables; all kinds of garden stuff.
6. Grass of pasture land for cattle.
7. Poison given in food; poisonous plant.
8. Time when colts are born.

yerba (de) mate maté
3 (marihuana) grass (muy_familiar)

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