1. (color) 
The maids of honor will dress in yellow.Las damas de honor se vestirán de amarillo.
2. (color) 
a. amarillo 
That yellow shirt does not suit you.Esa camisa amarilla no te favorece.
b. rubio (hair) 
The girl I met yesterday had yellow hair.La chica que conocí ayer tenía el pelo rubio.
c. ámbar (traffic light) 
With a yellow light, it is better to stop.Con el semáforo en ámbar es mejor parar.
intransitive verb
3. (to turn yellow) 
The pages yellowed with time.Las páginas amarillearon con el tiempo.
1. (general) 
a. el amarillo (M) 
2. (in color) 
a. amarillo(a) 
to turn or go yellowamarillear, ponerse amarillo
yellow cardtarjeta f amarilla
3. (medicine) 
a. no direct translation 
yellow feverfiebre amarilla
4. (telephone) 
a. no direct translation 
the Yellow Pages®las páginas amarillas
the Yellow Riverel río Amarillo or Huango Ho
5. (colloquial) 
a. cagueta, gallina (cowardly) 
intransitive verb
6. (general) 
a. amarillear, ponerse amarillo(a) 
yellow [ˈjeləʊ]
yellower (comparative)yellowest (superlative)
1 (in colour) [+ribbon, paint, colour] amarillo; [+hair] rubio; [+teeth, fingers] amarillo; amarillento
to go or turn yellow volverse or ponerse amarillo; volverse or ponerse amarillento
the whites of his eyes were turning yellow In this season, leaves turn yellow and fall Why do people with jaundice go yellow? protective cream to keep workers" complexions from turning yellow while handling TNT bananas change from being starchy and tasteless to a delicious soft, sweet flavour as their skin turns yellow
the fields were yellow with buttercups los campos estaban amarillos, llenos de ranúnculos; his fingers were yellow with nicotine tenía los dedos amarillos or amarillentos de la nicotina
2 (by race) amarillo
3 (cowardly) gallina (informal); miedica (informal); cagueta (very_informal)
to have a yellow streak ser un poco gallina or miedica (informal)
he always did have a yellow streak
1 (colour) amarillo (m)
2 (yolk) yema (f)
intransitive verb
volverse amarillo; ponerse amarillo
the paper had yellowed with age el papel se había vuelto or puesto amarillo con el paso del tiempo; yellowing leaves/pages hojas (f) amarillentas
the yellowing pages of the manuscript
transitive verb
yellowed newspapers periódicos amarillentos (por el paso del tiempo); grass verges yellowed by weeks of sunshine la hierba seca y amarillenta al borde del camino tras semanas de sol
The white leather is yellowed, and half the satin lining is gone
yellow belly (n) gallina (informal) (m); cagueta (very_informal) (m)
yellow card (n) (Ftbl) tarjeta (f) amarilla
yellow fever (n) fiebre (f) amarilla
yellow line (n) línea (f) amarilla (de estacionamiento limitado)
a double yellow line una línea amarilla doble; a single yellow line una línea amarilla
yellow ochre (n) ocre (m) amarillo
Yellow Pages (n) (Telec) páginas (f) amarillas
the yellow peril (n) la amenaza amarilla
the yellow press (n) la prensa amarilla; la prensa sensacionalista
the Yellow River (n) el río Amarillo
the Yellow Sea (n) el mar Amarillo
yellow wagtail (n) lavandera (f) boyera
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