X-ray in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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sustantivo (pl X-rays)
1. rayo (m) X (radiation); radiografía (f) (picture)
  • X-ray examination examen (m) por rayos X
  • to have an X-ray hacerse una radiografía
transitive verb
2. radiografiar
X-ray [ˈeksˈreɪ]
(ray) rayo-X (m); (photo) radiografía (f)
I had an X-ray taken me hicieron una radiografía
transitive verb
hacer una radiografía a; radiografiar
they X-rayed my arm me hicieron una radiografía del brazo; me radiografiaron el brazo
X-ray examination (n) examen (m) con rayos X
X-ray photograph (n) radiografía (f)
X-ray treatment (n) tratamiento (m) de rayos X
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