1. (incorrect) 
Sorry, I gave you the wrong number.Lo siento, te di un número equivocado.
This answer is wrong; you added instead of subtracting.Esta respuesta es incorrecta; sumaste en vez de restar.
2. (immoral) 
a. malo 
It's wrong to throw trash on the street.Es malo tirar la basura en la calle.
3. (incorrectly) 
a. mal 
I wrote your name wrong. Can you spell it for me again?Escribí mal tu nombre. ¿Me lo deletreas otra vez?
4. (morality) 
a. el mal (M) 
My grandmother taught me right from wrong.Mi abuela me enseñó la diferencia entre el bien y el mal.
transitive verb
5. (to harm) 
If you've wronged someone, you should ask for forgiveness.Si le has hecho daño a alguien, debes pedirle perdón.
1. (immoral actions) 
a. el mal (M) 
to know right from wrongdistinguir el bien del mal
he can do no wronglo hace todo bien
to do somebody wrongagraviar a alguien
to right a wrongdeshacer un entuerto
2. (prov) 
a. no direct translation 
two wrongs don't make a rightvengándose no se consigue nada
to be in the wrongser el/la culpable
3. (morally bad) 
a. malo(a) 
stealing is wrongrobar está mal
it was wrong of you not to tell mehiciste mal en no decírmelo
4. (incorrect, mistaken) 
a. incorrecto(a), erróneo(a) 
to be wrongestar equivocado(a), equivocarse
my watch is wrongmi reloj va mal
you chose the wrong momentno escogiste el momento oportuno
don't get the wrong ideano te equivoques
I did/said the wrong thinghice/dije lo que no debía
to drive on the wrong side of the roadconducir or
5. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to start or get off on the wrong footempezar con mal pie
6. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to go about it the wrong wayhacerlo mal
7. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to get on the wrong side of somebodyponerse a mal con alguien
8. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to back the wrong horseapostar por el perdedor
you have the wrong numberse ha equivocado de número
9. (amiss) 
a. no direct translation 
what's wrong?¿qué pasa?
what's wrong with you?¿qué te pasa?
is anything wrong?¿pasa algo?
10. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to be wrong in the headestar chiflado(a), zafado(a), rayado(a)
there's something wrong with this machinea este aparato le pasa algo
11. (morally) 
a. mal 
he admitted he had done wrongadmitió que había hecho mal
12. (incorrectly) 
a. mal 
to go wrongsalir mal
to guess wrongno acertar, equivocarse
don't get me wrong, I like herno me malentiendas, (ella) me cae bien
transitive verb
13. (general) 
a. agraviar, tratar injustamente 
wrong [rɒŋ]
1 (morally) (bad) malo; (unfair) injusto
it's wrong to steal stealing is wrong robar está mal
I think hunting is wrong it's wrong for her to have to beg it's wrong that she should have to beg
there's nothing wrong in that no hay nada malo en eso
that was very wrong of you ahí or en eso has hecho muy mal
you were wrong to do that hacer eso estuvo mal por tu parte
what's wrong with a drink now and again? ¿qué tiene de malo tomarse una copa de vez en cuando?
there's nothing wrong with that no hay nada malo en eso
Don't be silly. All you did was invite her for a drink, there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with hoping that ...
2 (incorrect, mistaken) [+answer] incorrecto; [+calculation, belief] equivocado
a wrong answer points will be deducted for wrong answers her guess was wrong the belief that you can work better under pressure is quite wrong her calculations were wrong
the wrong answer la respuesta incorrecta
the answer is wrong
he made a number of wrong assumptions se equivocó al hacer ciertas suposiciones; to be wrong [+person] equivocarse; estar equivocado
I'm sorry, but you're wrong
that is wrong eso no es exacto or cierto; the information they gave us was wrong la información que nos dieron era incorrecta
you're wrong about that ahí or en eso estás equivocado
I was wrong about him OK, so I was wrong about him, he's a nice guy after all
that clock is wrong ese reloj anda or marcha mal
the letter has the wrong date on it la carta tiene la fecha equivocada
you've opened the packet at the wrong end has abierto el paquete por el lado que no es; has abierto el paquete al revés
I was wrong in thinking that ... me equivoqué al pensar que ...
I'm in the wrong job tengo un puesto que no me conviene
he's got the wrong kind of friends no tiene los amigos apropiados
that's the wrong kind of plug se necesita otro tipo de enchufe
she married the wrong man se equivocó al casarse con él
you've picked the wrong [man] if you want someone to mend a fuse
to play a wrong note tocar una nota falsa
you have the wrong number (Telec) se ha equivocado de número
it's the wrong one no es el/la que hace falta
I think you're talking to the wrong person creo que no es conmigo con quien debería hablar
it's in the wrong place está mal situado; está mal colocado
is this the wrong road? ¿nos habremos equivocado de camino?
wrong side [of cloth] revés (m); envés (m)
he was driving on the wrong side (of the road) iba por el carril contrario
to say/do the wrong thing decir/hacer algo inoportuno
at the wrong time inoportunamente
we were on the wrong train nos habíamos equivocado de tren
the wrong [use] of drugs
the wrong way round al revés
to go the wrong way (on route) equivocarse de camino; that's the wrong way to go about it esa no es la forma de enfocarlo; a piece of bread went down the wrong way se me fue un pedazo de pan por el otro camino or por el camino viejo
3 (amiss)
is anything or something wrong? ¿pasa algo?; what's wrong? ¿qué pasa?; what's wrong with you? ¿qué te pasa?; what's wrong with the car? ¿qué le pasa al coche?
nothing's wrong there's nothing wrong no pasa nada
there's nothing wrong with it/him no le pasa nada
Your translation's fine, there's nothing wrong with it I had a look at your watch but, as far as I can make out, there's nothing wrong with it He's always complaining about some ailment or other, but actually there's nothing wrong with him, he's as fit as a fiddle
something's wrong there's something wrong hay algo mal or que no está bien
there's something wrong with my lights something's wrong with my lights algo les pasa a mis faros
something was very wrong había algo que no iba nada bien
to be wrong in the head estar chiflado (informal)
to answer wrong contestar mal; contestar incorrectamente
you did wrong to insult him hiciste mal en insultarle
you're doing it all wrong lo estás haciendo todo mal
you've done it wrong lo has hecho mal
to get sth wrong equivocarse en algo
You've got the sum wrong He got the figures wrong They got it wrong again you've got your facts wrong
the accountant got his sums wrong el contable se equivocó al hacer las cuentas; don't get me wrong no me malinterpretes; you've got it all wrong (misunderstood) no has entendido nada
You've got it all wrong — you're the one I love, not her how wrong can you get! It turns out he's not dead after all. How wrong can you get!
to go wrong [+person] (on route) equivocarse de camino; (in calculation) equivocarse; (morally) ir por el mal camino; [+plan] salir mal; malograrse; (Peru) cebarse (informal); (Méx) (Mec) fallar; estropearse
Nothing can go wrong now Everything went wrong that day
the robbery went wrong and they got caught el atraco fracasó y los pillaron; something went wrong with the gears las marchas empezaron a funcionar mal; something went wrong with their plans algo falló en sus planes; you can't go wrong (with choice) no te equivocarás; puedes estar seguro;with con; (in directions) no tiene pérdida; well, in that case you thought wrong bueno, en ese caso pensaste mal
Take the first turning on the left and you'll see the church on your right. You can't go wrong It's very simple to construct, you can't really go wrong You can't go far wrong if you choose a Volvo you can't go wrong with this brand you won't go far wrong if you ...
mal (m)
to do sb a wrong hacer mal a algn
he can do no wrong es incapaz de hacer mal a nadie
he can do no wrong in her eyes
he did her wrong se portó mal con ella
Oh, I know Wyville did her wrong but I did not think she would take such a cruel revenge you do me wrong in thinking that ... You do me wrong in thinking that I support the King
to be in the wrong (guilty) obrar mal; (mistaken) estar equivocado
to put sb in the wrong dejar en mal lugar a algn; poner en evidencia a algn
It's ironic but by showing restraint, Israel has put Saddam Hussein clearly in the wrong
to right a wrong deshacer un agravio; acabar con un abuso
two wrongs don't make a right no se subsana un error cometiendo otro
transitive verb
ser injusto con
you wrong me eso no es justo; to feel that one has been wronged sentirse agraviado
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