1. (act of writing) 
Writing is a great outlet for creativity.La escritura es un buen escape para la creatividad.
2. (written work) 
Shakespeare's writing was influenced by his son's death.La muerte del hijo de Shakespeare influyó en su literatura.
3. (handwriting) 
a. la letra (F) 
Only the pharmacist can read that doctor's writing.Solo la farmacéutica puede leer la letra de ese doctor.
1. (action) 
a. la escritura (F) 
2. (profession) 
a. la literatura (F) 
writing deskescritorio m
writing paperpapel de escribir
3. (handwriting) 
a. la letra f, escritura (F) 
4. (thing written; literature) 
a. la literatura (F) 
5. (written words) 
a. la escritura (F) 
in writingpor escrito
6. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
the writing is on the wall for himtiene los días contados
writing [ˈraɪtɪŋ]
1 (handwriting) letra (f)
I can't read your writing no entiendo tu letra
...the small, neat, forward sloping writing that she knew so well... in one's [own] writing not written by somebody else
2 (system) escritura (f)
before the invention of writing antes de la invención de la escritura
3 (letters, words)
there was some writing on the page había algo escrito en la página; I could see the writing but couldn't read it podía ver que había algo escrito pero no podía leerlo
Put the papers face down on each desk so that the writing cannot be seen... She saw that there was writing on the other side...
in writing por escrito; I'd like to have that in writing me gustaría tenerlo por escrito; to put sth in writing poner algo por escrito
evidence in writing that ... You must get the offer in writing.
to see the writing on the wall vérsela venir (informal)
see something bad coming
he had seen the writing on the wall vio lo que se le venía encima (informal)
When I took up gardening seriously, my husband saw the writing on the wall and abandoned hope of peaceful Sunday afternoons on the patio the writing's on the wall for them the writing's on the wall
the writing is on the wall for the president/the company el presidente/la compañia tiene los días contados
the end is inevitable
4 (written work)
the essay contains some imaginative writing el ensayo tiene secciones redactadas con imaginación; Aubrey's biographical writings las obras biográficas de Aubrey; it's a brilliant piece of writing está maravillosamente escrito
Do you distinguish between serious writing and popular writing? there is in his writing evidence of a desire to ... His political writings remind me of those of Sartre.
5 (activity) escritura (f)
writing is his hobby su hobby es la escritura; su hobby es escribir; he earns quite a lot from writing gana bastante escribiendo; a course in novel writing un curso sobre redacción de novelas
he devoted his life to writing writing has made me a millionaire... he learns reading and writing writing is a skill which must be learned
writing case (n) estuche (m) para material de correspondencia
writing desk (n) escritorio (m)
writing materials (n) artículos (m) de escritorio
writing pad (n) bloc (m)
writing paper (n) papel (m) de escribir
writing table (n) escritorio (m)
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