"worst" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. peor [superlative of bad]
  • the worst book -> el peor libro
  • the worst film -> la peor película
  • his worst mistake -> su error más grave
  • the worst thing was… -> lo peor fue…
2. peor [superlative of badly]
  • worst of all,… -> y lo que es peor,…
  • the elderly are the worst off -> los ancianos son los que peor están
  • he came off worst -> (él) llevó la peor parte, él fue quien salió peor
  • he's the worst of them all -> es el peor de todos
  • the worst that could happen -> lo peor que podría suceder
  • the worst of it is that… -> lo peor de todo es que…
  • he's prepared for the worst -> está preparado para lo peor
  • at the worst, if it comes to the worst -> en el peor de los casos
  • the worst is yet to come -> lo peor está aún por llegar
  • do your worst! -> ¡aquí te espero!, ¡ven a por mí si puedes! (español de España)
  • the worst is over -> ya ha pasado lo peor

worst [uerst]
1. de BAD, ILL o EVIL.
2. Pésimo, malísimo, lo más malo, lo peor.
3. Lo más enfermo, lo más malo.
4. Lo más fuerte, lo más grande.
  • He is the worst of men -> él es el más perverso de los hombres, -adv
5. Lo peor, lo más malo, el estado más desesperado o más calamitoso, la mayor miseria; inferioridad; mal andar.
  • I am at the worst -> me hallo en el estado más triste, no puedo estar peor
  • This is racism at its worst -> esto es racismo de la peor especie
Lo peor, lo más malo, lo más fuerte, lo menos.
va. Vencer, rendir, sujetar, triunfar de.

worst [wɜːst]
2 (gen) peor
it was the worst film I've ever seen fue la peor película de mi vida; fue la película más mala que he visto en mi vida
worst of all lo que es peor
Worst of all, the barmen were threatening to strike They were lazy, aggressive, and, worst of all, vegetarian his worst [fears] were confirmed Then one day his worst fears were confirmed. He was told he had to make way for "younger faces"
it was the worst winter for 20 years fue el peor invierno en 20 años
the worst storm in years la peor tormenta en años
they have the worst safety record in Europe President Bush alleged that Arkansas had the worst environmental record in the world the worst [kind] of journalism An ex-lawyer. They're the worst kind We're opening ourselves up to the worst kind of tyranny and discrimination ...Le Corbusier, for my money, the worst architect [of] this century
that's the worst part (of it) eso es lo peor
People acting like they're so much better than you, that's the worst part of it
at the worst possible time en el peor momento posible
the worst possible outcome The increase in international oil prices has come at the worst possible time for the nations of Eastern Europe The failure of parliament to approve the new reform programme represents the worst possible outcome for Gorbachev
it was the worst thing he ever did fue lo peor que hizo nunca
the worst thing [about] men is... it's just about the worst thing you could say to someone the worst thing is it doesn't even taste nice it was his worst nightmare: a woman boss ...losing your job is everyone's worst nightmare regarding air pollution, industry is the worst offender ...resulting in the worst of all possible worlds, a loan that comes at the wrong time and a permanent increase in debt
3 (most badly affected) [+victim] más afectado
the worst sufferers are children los más afectados son los niños
The worst victims of inflation are the old Among the worst sufferers from the storms of 1989 were the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew
2 (gen) peor
the worst-dressed man in England el hombre peor vestido de Inglaterra; they all sing badly but he sings worst (of all) todos cantan mal, pero él peor que nadie
to come off worst
they had a punch-up and he came off worst tuvieron una pelea y él fue el que salió peor parado
it is the small investor who will come off worst
3 [+affected, hit] más
he visited some of the worst affected areas visitó algunas de las zonas más afectadas
A substantial EC aid package for those countries worst affected was therefore vital The areas worst hit by the drought were the South West and Wales my leg hurts worst (of all)
the worst lo peor; the worst that can happen is that ... lo peor que puede pasar es que ...; we threw away the worst of them los peores los tiramos a la basura
The situation may improve but if the worst comes to the worst I'll have to sell the house... If the worst came to the worst, a vessel could always take another route.
to fear the worst temerse lo peor
he's been missing for some time and now police are beginning to fear the worst
the worst of it is that ... lo peor de todo es que ...
the worst of it is that I haven't got the money to pay him back
that's not the worst of it eso no es lo peor
what he wrote off the car? - That's not the worst of it, it was his fiancee's dad's car
to get the worst of it llevarse la peor parte
if the worst comes to the worst en el peor de los casos
at worst en el peor de los casos
At best her ideas are misguided and at worst they reveal a refusal to confront reality...
at worst, they can only say no en el peor de los casos, nos dirán que no; the situation is at its worst in urban centres en los núcleos urbanos es donde la situación es más grave; things or matters were at their worst las cosas estaban peor que nunca; he's at his worst in the evenings por las tardes es cuando está más insoportable
[+person] (in fight) derrotar
Nelly had worsted her persecutor with a blow to the stomach
(in conflict) vencer
Once officialdom had been worsted, the animal was threatened on another front In this battle of wits, De Solina had worsted him again and with great ease

Verb Conjugations for "worst" (go to lo peor)


I worst I worsted I will worst
you worst you worsted you will worst
he/she worsts he/she worsted he/she will worst
we worst we worsted we will worst
you worst you worsted you will worst
they worst they worsted they will worst
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