work out
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to train) 
I work out three days a week at the gym.Hago ejercicio tres días a la semana en el gimnasio.
2. (to succeed) 
Fortunately, things worked out for me and Laura.Por suerte, todo salió bien entre Laura y yo.
transitive verb phrase
3. (to find a solution to) 
a. resolver 
My roommate and I need to work things out.Mi compañero de cuarto y yo necesitamos resolver nuestra situación.
4. (to calculate) 
a. calcular 
Did you work out how much money we need to go to Las Vegas for a week?¿Ya calculaste cuánto dinero necesitamos para ir a Las Vegas por una semana?
5. (to devise) 
a. idear 
A group of prisoners worked out a plan to escape from jail.Un grupo de prisioneros ideó un plan para escapar de la cárcel.
6. (to understand) 
a. entender 
I can't work out what the boss wants from me.No entiendo lo que quiere el jefe de mí.
7. (to exhaust) 
a. agotar 
When the miners worked out the mine, they became unemployed.Cuando los mineros agotaron la mina, se quedaron sin trabajo.
work out
transitive verb phrase
1. (cost, total) 
a. calcular 
to w out the answerdar con la solución
to w out how to do somethingdar con la manera de hacer algo
I'm sure we can w this thing outestoy seguro de que lo podemos arreglar
intransitive verb
2. (problem, situation) 
a. no direct translation 
it all worked out in the endal final todo salió bien
to w out well/badly (for somebody)salir bien/mal (a alguien)
3. (total) 
a. salir 
it works out at £150 a headsale a 150 libras por cabeza
4. (exercise) 
a. hacer ejercicios 
work out
transitive verb
1 (calculate) [+cost, profit] calcular
Hang on, I'm just working out the total cost work out how much profit we'll make if we charge 75p
[+answer] encontrar
I worked it out in my head lo calculé mentalmente
2 (solve) [+problem] resolver
things will work themselves out al final, todo saldrá bien or se solucionará
3 (devise) idear
I had the whole design worked out in my mind
to work out a plan idear or (formal) urdir un plan
4 (understand) lograr entender
He finally worked out why she'd left him I can't work it out — it just doesn't make sense
I just couldn't work it out no lograba entenderlo; can you work out where we are on the map? ¿puedes determinar or averiguar dónde estamos en el mapa?; I can't work him out no puedo entenderle
Last week he said yes, now he says no — I can't work him out at all
5 (exhaust) [+mine, land] agotar
6 (in job)
to work out one's notice trabajar hasta que se acabe el tiempo de preaviso
7 (get rid of) [+anger, frustration] librarse de
Don't try and work out your frustration on me! He worked out his anger by writing a play in which the heroine was brutally murdered
1 (allow solution) resolverse
it doesn't work out [+sum] no sale
2 (amount to)
the cost worked out at five pounds los costos ascendieron a cinco libras; how much does it work out at? ¿cuánto suma?; ¿a cuánto sale?; it works out at ten pounds each sale a diez libras esterlinas por persona; gas heating would work out cheaper la calefacción de gas saldría más barata
3 (succeed) salir bien
It's all working out as planned Their marriage didn't work out
I hope it will work out well espero que salga bien; everything worked out well todo or la cosa salió bien; how did it work out? ¿qué tal salió?; it hasn't worked out that way no ha sido así
The predictions were that we'd all have endless leisure time, but of course it hasn't worked out that way
4 (exercise) hacer ejercicio
He works out in the gym most mornings
I work out twice a week hago ejercicio dos veces a la semana
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