1. (marvelous) 
We had a wonderful dinner in a French bistro.Tuvimos una cena maravillosa en un bistro francés.
1. (general) 
a. maravilloso(a) 
wonderful [ˈwʌndəfʊl]
1 (excellent) [+person, experience, surprise] maravilloso; estupendo
Your mother is a wonderful woman Anyone who knows him knows what a good and wonderful person he is Setting the animals free is a wonderful experience We had a wonderful meal in a little bistro It would be a wonderful surprise for her to see you again
[+painting, piece of music] maravilloso; precioso
it is a wonderful piece of work, beautiful and forceful a wonderful painting by Botticelli a wonderful aria from Cosi fan Tutte
[+opportunity] estupendo
I think it's a wonderful opportunity for my family
[+feeling] maravilloso
Floating in a hot-air balloon is a wonderful feeling
it would be wonderful to be able to sing well sería maravilloso tener buena voz
It was wonderful to be able to walk again
she looks wonderful for her age está estupenda para la edad que tiene
doesn't Joanna Lumley look wonderful for her age your grandfather looks wonderful for his age
isn't it wonderful! how wonderful! ¡qué estupendo!; ¡qué maravilla!
isn't it wonderful! Amy's got the job!
we had a wonderful time (nos) lo pasamos de maravilla or estupendamente
We had a wonderful day "Guess what? I've got a job at last." "Wonderful!"
2 (amazing) [+memory, achievement] increíble
he's got a wonderful memory Isn't it wonderful how they built the airport so quickly?
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