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1. testigo (sustantivo masculino) (Law)
  • to call somebody as witness llamar a alguien a testificar
  • witness for the defense/prosecution testigo de descargo/de cargo
  • witness box estrado (m) del testigo
2. (testimony)
  • to bear witness (to something) dar testimonio (de algo)
transitive verb
3. ser testigo de, presenciar (scene)
  • to witness somebody's signature (Law) firmar en calidad de testigo de alguien
intransitive verb
4. (Law)
  • to witness to something dar testimonio de algo
witness [ˈwɪtnɪs]
1 (person) testigo (m)
eye witness testigo ocular; witness for the prosecution/defence testigo de cargo/descargo; there were no witnesses no hubo testigos; to call sb as a witness citar a algn como testigo; we want no witnesses to this no queremos que nadie vea esto; no queremos que haya testigos; I was (a) witness to this event yo presencié este suceso; yo fui testigo de este suceso
2 (evidence) testimonio (m)
to give witness for/against sb atestiguar a favor de/en contra de algn; to bear witness to sth atestiguar algo; demostrar or probar algo; in witness of en fe de
transitive verb
1 (be present at) presenciar; asistir a; (see) ver
to witness sb doing sth ver a algn hacer algo; ver cómo algn hace algo; the accident was witnessed by two people hay dos testigos del accidente; to witness a document firmar un documento como testigo
I have never witnessed such scenes before
this period witnessed important changes este periodo fue testigo de cambios importantes
2 (attest by signature) atestiguar la veracidad de
3 (consider as evidence) ver; mirar
intransitive verb
(testify) dar testimonio; atestiguar
to witness to sth dar testimonio de or atestiguar algo
witness box (Britain)witness stand (US) (n) tribuna (f) de los testigos; estrado (m)
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