1. (of support, accusation) 
a. la retirada (F) 
to make a withdrawalefectuar un reintegro
withdrawal symptomssíndrome de abstinencia
withdrawal [wɪθˈdrɔːəl]
1 (from bank)
to make a withdrawal retirar dinero or fondos
to make a withdrawal of funds from a bank
2 (recall, removal) [of troops, ambassador, team, services, advertisement] retirada (f);from de; [of banknote] retirada (f) de la circulación
We are pressing for the withdrawal of this product from the market
his party has announced its withdrawal of support for the government su partido ha anunciado la retirada de su apoyo al gobierno
the withdrawal of American diplomats from the area the army's withdrawal to new positions
they may be contemplating a partial withdrawal from the country puede que estén considerando una retirada parcial del país
3 (cancellation) [of application, permission, support, licence] retirada (f)
we have today received a letter from him, confirming the withdrawal of his candidacy
4 (retraction) [of allegation, remark] retractación (f); [of charge] retirada (f)
5 (Psychology and Psychiatry) (from sb, sth) retraimiento (m);from de
an inability to cope with certain emotional problems except by retreating into withdrawal a recurrent depression which is characterized by oversleeping, overeating, loss of interest in work, and a withdrawal from people, social activities, and sex
6 (after drug addiction) síndrome (m) de abstinencia
to be suffering from withdrawal padecer el síndrome de abstinencia
drug-dependent people who are starting to experience withdrawal
7 (during lovemaking) (act) retirada (f) (del pene)
before withdrawal, some semen can escape even though ejaculation has not occurred
(as contraception) marcha (f) atrás (informal); coitus (m) interruptus
withdrawal as a method of birth control may soon be seen in a more positive light
withdrawal method (n) método (m) de la marcha atrás (informal); coitus (m) interruptus
the failure rate for the withdrawal method is in the range of 20 to 25 percent
withdrawal notice (n) (Economics) aviso (m) de retirada de fondos
withdrawal symptoms (n) síndrome (m) de abstinencia
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