1. (one who wins) 
There were no winners in this month's lottery.No se registraron ganadores en la lotería de este mes.
The winners of the baseball game went out to dinner to celebrate their victory.Los vencedores del partido de beisbol salieron a cenar para celebrar su victoria.
2. (success) 
That idea is a winner and will make us tons of money.Esa idea en una ganadora y nos hará un montón de dinero.
Being a winner in life is all a state of mind.Ser un triunfador en la vida es todo un estado de ánimo.
3. (sports) 
I scored the winner of the match.Yo metí el gol decisivo del partido.
Beckham scored the winner in the 88th minute.Beckham anotó el gol de la victoria en el minuto 88.
1. (general) 
a. el vencedor(ora) m,f, ganador(ora) (M)la vencedor(ora) m,f, ganador(ora) (F) 
this book will be a winnereste libro será un éxito
to be on to a winnertener un éxito entre manos
winner [ˈwɪnəʳ]
1 (in race, competition) vencedoravencedora (m) (f);a vencedora ganadoraganadora (m) (f);a ganadora [of prize, lottery] ganadoraganadora (m) (f);a ganadora
and the winner is Jack Stephens from Chester! and the winner is "The English Patient" the winner in the round-the-world yacht race was the Ellan Vannin the winner lives in Colchester the money will be divided between 5 winners the winner 0f the £15 million jackpot
winner takes all el ganador se lo lleva todo
Hastings emerged as the clear winner in the presidential election
2 (Ftbl) (goal) gol (m) de la victoria; gol (m) decisivo
it was Copley who scored the winner
3 (sth successful)
this record is a winner! ¡este disco es un exitazo! (informal); I think you're on to a winner there creo que con esto tienes la ganancia asegurada
he knew he was on to a winner we believe we're on to a winner with our new car The production team soon realised they were on to a winner
the winners will be the shareholders los que saldrán ganando serán los accionistas
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Who was the big winner yesterday?
¿Quién fue el gran ganador ayer?
big winner
el gran ganador
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