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1. vencedor(ora) (m,f) ganador(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino)
  • this book will be a winnereste libro será un éxito
  • to be on to a winnertener un éxito entre manos
winner [ˈwɪnəʳ]
1 (in race, competition) vencedoravencedora (m) (f);a vencedora ganadoraganadora (m) (f);a ganadora [of prize, lottery] ganadoraganadora (m) (f);a ganadora
and the winner is Jack Stephens from Chester! and the winner is "The English Patient" the winner in the round-the-world yacht race was the Ellan Vannin the winner lives in Colchester the money will be divided between 5 winners the winner 0f the £15 million jackpot
winner takes all el ganador se lo lleva todo
Hastings emerged as the clear winner in the presidential election
2 (Ftbl) (goal) gol (m) de la victoria; gol (m) decisivo
it was Copley who scored the winner
3 (sth successful)
this record is a winner! ¡este disco es un exitazo! (informal); I think you're on to a winner there creo que con esto tienes la ganancia asegurada
he knew he was on to a winner we believe we're on to a winner with our new car The production team soon realised they were on to a winner
the winners will be the shareholders los que saldrán ganando serán los accionistas
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