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When talking about the weather, "it's windy" can be translated as "está ventoso" as well as "hace viento."
1. (weather) 
a. ventoso (day) 
It's going to be wet and windy this weekend.Este fin de semana va a ser lluvioso y ventoso.
b. expuesto al viento (place) 
My balcony on the 22nd floor is very windy.Mi balcón en el piso 22 está muy expuesto al viento.
1. (road) 
a. serpenteante, zigzagueante 
windy [ˈwɪndɪ]
windier (comparative)windiest (superlative)
1 [+day] de mucho viento; ventoso; [+place] (exposed to wind) expuesto al viento
it's windy today hoy hace viento; Edinburgh's a very windy city en Edimburgo hace mucho viento; the Windy City Chicago (m)
note See culture box in entry city.
2 (Britain) (afraid, nervous) miedoso; temeroso;about por
to be windy pasar miedo; to get windy asustarse
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