1. (compliant) 
a. dispuesto 
I'm willing to help you move.Estoy dispuesta a ayudarte a mudar.
1. (assistant) 
a. muy dispuesto(a) 
2. (accomplice) 
a. voluntario(a) 
she was a willing participantparticipó de muy buena gana
to be willing to do somethingestar dispuesto(a) a hacer algo, hacer algo de buena gana
God willingsi Dios quiere
to show willingmostrar buena disposición
willing [ˈwɪlɪŋ]
1 (enthusiastic) [+helper] voluntarioso
He found many willing helpers among his pupils
she proved to be a willing helper in their campaign demostró ser una ayudante voluntariosa en su campaña
...a class of willing students he was entirely willing do you think he was forced into it? - no, he may well have been entirely willing
there were plenty of willing hands había mucha gente dispuesta a ayudar; he was a willing participant in the scheme participó en el programa por su propia voluntad; we're looking for a few willing volunteers estamos buscando unos cuantos voluntarios con buena disposición; his pronouncements found a willing audience sus opiniones tuvieron una buena acogida
2 (disposed)
to be willing to do sth estar dispuesto a hacer algo; are you willing? ¿estás dispuesto (a hacerlo)?
I want you to do something for us. Listen carefully and tell me if you are willing He was willing to give evidence on my behalf Some babies are willing and able to go four hours without a feed I'm quite willing to tell him she wasn't very willing to help
to show willing mostrarse dispuesto
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God willing
si Dios quiere
I am willing
estoy dispuesto
be willing to
estar dispuesto a
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