1. (via marriage) 
a. la esposa (F) 
His wife is a pediatrician.Su esposa es pediatra.
b. la mujer (F) 
I married my wife four years ago.Me casé con mi mujer hace cuatro años.
1. (general) 
a. la mujer f, esposa (F) 
wife [waɪf]
wives (plural) mujer (f); esposa (f)
this is my wife esta es mi esposa or mujer; my boss and his wife mi jefe y su esposa or mujer; the wife la parienta (informal); la jefa (informal); "The Merry Wives of Windsor" "Las alegres comadres de Windsor"; wife's earned income ingresos (m) de la mujer; to take a wife desposarse; to take sb to wife desposarse con algn
wife beater (n) hombre que maltrata a su mujer
Simpson was a violent, jealous wife-beater
wife swapping (n) cambio (m) de pareja
Phrases with "wife"
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my wife
mi esposa
his wife
su esposa
la exesposa
husband and wife
marido y mujer
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