1. (broad) 
a. ancho(a) 
it's 4 meters widetiene 4 metros de ancho
how wide is it?¿qué ancho tiene?, ¿cuánto mide de ancho?
in the whole wide worldde todo el ancho mundo
2. (computers) 
wide area networkred de área extensa
3. (range, experience, gap) 
a. amplio(a), extenso(a) 
4. (general) 
to open something wideabrir algo mucho
to be wide open to criticismestar muy expuesto(a) a la crítica
wide apartmuy separado(a)
to be wide awakeestar completamente despierto(a)
the shot went wideel tiro salió desviado
his guess was wide of the marksu conjetura estaba totalmente descaminada
wide [waɪd]
wider (comparative)widest (superlative)
1 [+street, river, trousers] ancho
The wide streets are lined with smart shops It's a well laid-out area, with tree-lined, wide streets The Channel is just a wide river A huge, pale, stone bridge with 11 arches spans the wild, wide river
[+area] extenso
debris was scattered over a wide area Kansas is surrounded by wide fields of wheat
[+ocean, desert] vasto
She should do well on both sides of the wide ocean the wide deserts North Africa
[+space, circle, valley] amplio
the men fell back, leaving a wide space around the car the valley was wide and deep They formed a wide circle around him
he was a tall man with wide shoulders era un hombre alto de hombros anchos
two metres wide The bay is about thirty miles long and five to six miles wide ...a narrow ledge of rock a few yards wide
it's ten centimetres wide tiene diez centímetros de ancho or de anchura; a three-mile-wide crater un cráter de tres millas de ancho or de anchura; how wide is it? ¿cuánto tiene de ancho?; ¿qué anchura tiene?
How wide is the doorway?
her eyes were wide with amazement tenía los ojos como platos de asombro (informal)
She sat there looking up at me, her eyes wide with pleasure
to give sb a wide berth evitar a algn
I wouldn't mess with people like that, not me. I give them a wide berth
2 (extensive) [+support, variety] gran; [+range, selection] amplio
a wide choice of bulbs is available hay una gran variedad de bulbos donde escoger; hay una gran variedad de bulbos disponible; there is a wide choice of colours hay muchos colores para escoger; he has a wide following tiene un gran número de seguidores
The ponds are home to a wide selection of wildlife There is wide support in Congress for increased funding
a wide range of una amplia gama de; in the wider context of dentro del contexto más amplio de; the story received wide coverage el suceso recibió una amplia cobertura
The paper also gave wide coverage to the recent fundamentalist electoral victory
to have (a) wide knowledge of sth tener amplios conocimientos de algo
he has a wide following among the Southern middle classes The movement developed a wide following among the middle classes The plant will grow in a wide range of places they stock a wide range of garden tools
this ruling could have wider implications esta decisión podría tener implicaciones más amplias; the incident raises wider issues el incidente hace plantearse cuestiones de mayor envergadura
The Tory press are using his future to divert attention from the wider issues a wide variety of They come from a wide variety of backgrounds The college library had a wide variety of books
3 (large) [+gap, differences] grande
the gap between the poor and the rich is very wide indeed There is a wide gap between official and market prices wide class differences still remain
to win by a wide margin ganar por un margen amplio
The Fundamentalists won by a wide margin
4 (off target)
his first shot was wide (Ftbl) su primer tiro or chute pasó de largo; (Shooting) su primer disparo no dio en el blanco; to be wide of the target desviarse mucho del blanco
to be wide of the mark encontrarse lejos de la realidad
their accusations may not be so wide of the mark puede que sus acusaciones no se encuentren tan lejos de la realidad
His assessment of the situation might be rather wide of the mark occasionally they made guesses as to the exact extent of his wealth but these were always far wide of the mark for once his judgement was wide of the mark
1 (fully)
he opened the window wide abrió la ventana de par en par
he extended his arms wide He opened the window wide and let in a blast of freezing air she opened her mouth wide but no sound came
wide apart bien separados
Stand with your back towards the mirror and your legs wide apart He was crouched, his feet wide apart She had hazel eyes, set wide apart under heavy black brows
to be wide awake estar completamente despierto
we'll have to be wide awake for this meeting tendremos que estar con los ojos bien abiertos en esta reunión; tendremos que estar muy al tanto en esta reunión
wide open [+window, door] de par en par; completamente abierto
I slept with the windows wide open when the weather was dry with his arms wide open
with his eyes (open) wide or wide open con los ojos muy abiertos; she went into marriage with her eyes wide open se casó sabiendo muy bien lo que hacía
now my eyes are wide open
the wide open spaces los espacios abiertos
He loved the wide open spaces and wild life The lure of the wide open spaces is strong
we were left wide open to attack quedamos totalmente expuestos a un ataque
This statement leaves us wide open to attack When Bonnie left him, he was wide open to public humiliation When we are depressed our immune system is laid low, leaving us wide open to infection
2 (off target)
the shot went wide (Ftbl) el tiro or chute pasó de largo; (Shooting) el disparo no dio en el blanco; Fleming shot wide (Ftbl) Fleming realizó un disparo que pasó de largo a la portería
He almost completed another treble in the 64th minute, shooting fractionally wide from Gray's through pass
(Cricket) pelota que el bateador no puede golpear porque la han lanzado muy lejos y que cuenta como una carrera para el equipo del bateador
Warne has bowled 2 wides during this over
wide boy (n) buscón (very_informal) (m); ratero (informal) (m)
Even today we associate a pencil-line moustache with wide boys and black marketeers It is the kind of story that any wide boy with a bit of charm could tell
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