1. (evil) 
a. perverso(a), malo(a) 
2. (dreadful) 
a. horroroso(a), horrible 
a wicked sense of humorun sentido del humor muy pícaro
3. (colloquial) 
a. genial (excellent) 
b. guay (Spain) 
c. chévere (Latin America) 
d. tenaz (Colombia) 
e. muy padre (Mexico) 
f. arrecho(a) (Venezuela) 
g. bárbaro(a) (River Plate) 
wicked [ˈwɪkɪd]
1 (evil) malvado; cruel
that was a wicked thing to do eso no se perdona
2 (naughty) [+grin, look, suggestion] pícaro
he gave a wicked grin sonrió con picardía; a wicked sense of humour un sentido del humor socarrón
3 [+price] escandaloso; [+satire] muy mordaz; cruel; [+temper] terrible; (very bad) horroroso; horrible
a wicked waste un despilfarro escandaloso; it's wicked weather hace un tiempo horrible; it's a wicked car to start este coche es horrible para arrancar
4 (brilliant) de puta madre (very_informal); estupendo (informal); guay (informal)
no rest or peace for the wicked no hay descanso para los malvados
Yes, you realise, there is no rest for the wicked on these weekends, as you race around washing sheets, basting small animals and filling everyone's glasses `Oh, well," Jade says as she struggles into her undersized apron, `no rest for the wicked."
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