1. (covered or saturated with liquid) 
a. mojado 
The grass is all wet.El pasto está todo mojado.
The horses' coats were wet from the dew in the air.Los caballos tenían el pelaje mojado por el rocío del aire.
2. (damp) 
a. húmedo 
The towel is still wet even after hanging it up.La toalla está húmeda aun después de tenderla.
3. (rainy) 
a. lluvioso 
We've had a really wet summer this year.Este año hemos tenido un verano muy lluvioso.
4. (not dry) 
a. fresco (paint) 
Don't touch it! The paint is still wet.¡No lo toques! La pintura está fresca.
b. blando (cement) 
I accidentally stepped in the wet concrete.Sin querer pisé el cemento blando.
5. (spiritless) (United Kingdom) 
a. soso 
The men she goes out with are all so wet.Los hombres con que sale son todos tan sosos.
transitive verb
6. (to moisten) 
a. mojar 
I try not to wet the floor when I shower.Trato de no mojar el piso cuando me ducho.
b. humedecer 
Make sure to wet the cloth with ammonia before scrubbing the bathtub.Humedece el trapo con amoniaco antes de fregar la bañera.
7. (to urinate accidentally) 
a. orinarse 
The boy was so afraid he wet himself.El niño tenía tanto miedo que se orinó.
8. (rain) (United Kingdom) 
a. la lluvia (F) 
The wet kept us indoors all day.La lluvia nos hizo quedarnos en casa todo el día.
9. (Conservative with liberal tendencies) (United Kingdom) 
The wets in the party are mostly pro-Europe.La mayoría de los conservadores moderados está a favor de la Unión Europea.
1. (damp) 
a. húmedo(a) 
2. (soaked) 
a. mojado(a) 
3. (weather) 
a. lluvioso(a) 
to be wetestar húmedo(a)
to get wetmojarse
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
wet blanketaguafiestas mf inv
5. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
wet dreampolución nocturna orgasmo m nocturno
wet paintrecién pintado
wet suittraje de submarinismo
6. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. blandengue, soso(a) (feeble) 
transitive verb
7. (dampen) 
a. humedecer 
8. (soak) 
a. mojar 
to wet the bedmojar la cama, orinarse en la cama
to wet oneselfmearse encima
9. (dampness) 
a. la humedad (F) 
10. (rain) 
a. la lluvia (F) 
11. (politics) (United Kingdom) 
a. el conservador(ora) moderado(a) (M)la conservador(ora) moderado(a) (F) 
wet [wet]
wetter (comparative)wettest (superlative)
1 [+person, clothes, nappy, bed] mojado; calado
The grass is wet His hands were wet and sticky His feet were cold and wet He towelled his wet hair A cold snap had turned wet roads icy The ground is still wet and cold (sopping)
[+paint, ink, plaster] fresco
He realized that she was wet, and probably cold too He stripped off his wet clothes and stepped into the shower ...his wet raincoat
...a canvas whose paint was still wet ...a fan-shaped pattern in the wet plaster She rendered the walls in cement and, while it was still wet, applied the shells I've changed his wet nappy the bed was wet so we had to change the sheets
the baby was wet el niño se había hecho pis (informal)
wet paint recién pintado
to get wet mojarse
The boy was getting wet as they crossed the river Wool carpets are prone to rotting when they get wet
to get one's feet/shoes wet mojarse los pies/zapatos
I lowered myself to the water's edge, getting my feet wet
to be soaking or wringing wet estar chorreando
Your hair is soaking wet My gloves were soaking wet After only a few minutes my shirt was wringing wet
to be wet through estar empapado; estar calado
His shoes and clothing were wet through
the grass was wet with dew la hierba estaba mojada de rocío
to be wet behind the ears estar verde (informal)
He's still wet behind the ears, but shows potential
2 (from crying) [+eyes] lloroso; lleno de lágrimas
I realized that my eyes were wet and I was breathing hard
[+cheeks, face] lleno de lágrimas
She raised a red, wet face to me and wailed
her cheeks were wet with tears las lágrimas le corrían por las mejillas
3 (rainy) [+day, month, winter, climate] lluvioso
...a wet Sunday night ...a wet Monday in August ...the wettest July since 1880 The American winter was cold, wet and windy In very wet climates factories have to be air-conditioned
take a raincoat if it's wet llévate un impermeable si llueve
It was wet, cold, and miserable It's going to stay wet for the next few days if the weather is wet choose an indoor activity
we've had a lot of wet weather hemos tenido un tiempo muy lluvioso; it's been very wet ha llovido mucho; the wet season la estación lluviosa or de las lluvias
During the wet season hotels are half price
4 (feeble) soso; blandengue
don't be so wet, Charles
(Britain) (Pol) término aplicado a los políticos conservadores de tendencias centristas, desdeñados por la parte más radicalmente conservadora del partido
wet politicians of the Tory left
5 (US) (against prohibition) antiprohibicionista
...a wet state
the wet (rain, wet weather) la lluvia
out in the cold and wet I was left out in the wet
the bike had been left out in the wet habían dejado la bicicleta bajo la lluvia
2 (Britain) (Pol) político conservador de tendencias centristas, desdeñado por la parte más radicalmente conservadora del partido
transitive verb
1 (make wet) mojar
A column of spray wetted them... He walked carefully so as not to wet his shoes.
to wet one's lips humedecerse los labios
Uncle Ted wet his lips...
to wet one's whistle mojar el gaznate
2 (urinate on)
he's wet his trousers se ha orinado en los pantalones; se ha hecho pis en los pantalones (informal); se ha meado en los pantalones (very_informal)
Martin's wet his pyjama trousers...
to wet the bed orinarse en la cama; hacerse pis en la cama (informal); mearse en la cama (very_informal); to wet o.s. orinarse encima; hacerse pis encima (informal); mearse encima (very_informal)
He's wet himself again.
to wet o.s. (with amusement) mearse de risa (very_informal); (with terror) mearse de miedo (very_informal)
wet blanket (n) aguafiestas (informal) (m)
He seemed a bit of a wet blanket
wet dream (n) polución (f) nocturna
to have a wet dream tener una polución nocturna; correrse dormido (vulgar)
wet fish (n) (Cookery) pescado (m) fresco
Is there a wet fish stall in the market?
he's a bit of a wet fish es un poco soso
I hate to be a wet fish, but... John Cleese was a wet fish with girls until he was 24
wet nurse (n) nodriza (f); ama (f) de cría
wet suit (n) traje (m) isotérmico
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