Welfare in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. bienestar (m)
  • the welfare State el estado del bienestar (británico)
  • welfare work trabajo (m) social
2. (social security)
  • to be on welfare recibir un subsidio del Estado (Estados Unidos)
welfare [ˈwelfɛəʳ]
1 (well-being) bienestar (m)
physical/spiritual welfare bienestar físico/espiritual; you've got to think about the welfare of the children tienes que pensar en el bienestar de los niños; animal welfare la protección de los animales
she devotes her life to animal welfare
child welfare la protección a or de la infancia
2 (social aid) asistencia (f) social
to be on welfare recibir asistencia social
they're on welfare while they're on welfare
to live on welfare vivir a cargo de la asistencia social
[+programme, provision] de asistencia social
welfare centre welfare center (US) (n) centro (m) de asistencia social
welfare mother (n) madre que recibe asistencia social
Clinton talks about getting welfare mothers back to work They were comforted by welfare officers Animal welfare officers are considering prosecuting
welfare organization (n) organización (f) de asistencia social
Emergency services and welfare organisations fear a flood of hypothermia victims
animal welfare organization una organización para la protección de los animales
welfare services (n) asistencia (f) social
welfare state (n) estado (m) de bienestar social
welfare work (n) trabajos (m) de asistencia social
welfare worker (n) asistente (m) social
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