1. (inviting) 
a. acogedor 
The cabin had such a welcoming air to it that we had to book our vacation there.La cabaña tenía un aire tan acogedor que tuvimos que reservarla para nuestras vacaciones.
b. cordial 
You need to talk to people in a more welcoming manner in order to make them join the group.Tienes que hablarle a la gente de manera más cordial para que quieran unirse al grupo.
2. (receptive) 
My parents organized a welcoming party for the neighbors who just moved in.Mis padres organizaron una fiesta de bienvenida para los vecinos que acaban de mudarse al barrio.
1. (person, attitude) 
a. afable, hospitalario(a) 
welcoming [ˈwelkəmɪŋ]
1 [+smile] amable; cordial
She gave him a warm welcoming smile
[+place, atmosphere] acogedor
It was such a warm and welcoming place I had no desire to move out ...a bright and welcoming home Each room feels very welcoming The pubs were welcoming The house exudes a welcoming atmosphere The hotel is cheap and cheerful with a welcoming ambience acogedor Brussels is one of the least welcoming cities in Western Europe She finds it a safe, welcoming country for a woman living alone
to be welcoming to sb ser acogedor or cordial con algn
she was very welcoming Everyone was very kind and welcoming to her Italians used to pride themselves on being welcoming to immigrants
2 [+ceremony, banquet, speech] de bienvenida
At a welcoming banquet he said China's policies of reform had brought vitality to its economy ...a welcoming ceremony for the visiting President ...the king's welcoming speech
welcoming party or committee comité (m) de bienvenida
We arrived back to find a welcoming party at the door Only a small welcoming committee was allowed at the airport for security reasons
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