1. (strange) 
a. raro 
There are some very weird creatures living in the ocean. Hay algunas criaturas raras que viven en el mar.
b. extraño 
It seems to be a tradition to wear weird hats to the Kentucky Derby. Parece ser una tradición llevar sombreros extraños al Derby de Kentucky.
1. (general) 
a. extraño(a), raro(a) 
weird [wɪəd]
weirder (comparative)weirdest (superlative) raro; extraño
the weird thing is that ... lo raro es que ...
The weird thing is that I never saw him eat. Not once
all sorts of weird and wonderful things todo tipo de cosas extraordinarias
...all manner of weird and wonderful shops, from tattoo parlours to toothbrush emporiums they sell all sorts of weird and wonderful things
Phrases with "weird"
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you are weird
eres raro
stay weird
no dejes de ser un bicho raro
you're weird
eres raro
I am weird
soy raro
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