1. (heaviness) 
a. el peso (M) 
I put on some weight last Christmas.Subí un poco de peso las pasadas Navidades.
2. (for exercise) 
a. la pesa (F) 
He goes to the gym to lift weights three times a week.Él va al gimnasio a levantar pesas tres veces a la semana.
3. (burden) 
a. el peso (M) 
The athlete said he felt like a weight had been lifted when he won the championship.El atleta dijo que sentía que se le había quitado un peso de encima cuando ganó el campeonato.
b. la carga (F) 
Finding a new job has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.Haber conseguido un nuevo trabajo me ha quitado tremenda carga de encima.
4. (importance) 
a. el peso (M) 
His opinion carries a lot of weight in the company.Su opinión tiene mucho peso dentro de la empresa.
5. (in clocks) 
a. la pesa (F) 
You need to have the weights in this grandfather clock replaced.Necesita cambiar las pesas en este reloj de pie.
transitive verb
6. (to add weight to) 
Do you know any tricks to weight the curtains and stop them from blowing away?¿Conoces algún truco para ponerle peso a las cortinas y evitar que se vuelen?
7. (to hold down) 
a. sujetar 
The wind was so strong I had to weight the tablecloth with a jug.El viento era tan fuerte que tuve que sujetar el mantel con una jarra.
8. (to have a bias against) 
The new economic measures are weighted against the middle class.Las nuevas medidas económicas perjudican a la clase media.
The law should be weighted in favor of the weaker.La ley debería beneficiar a los más débiles.
9. (mathematics) 
a. ponderar 
The chart shows how the variables were weighted in our analysis.La tabla muestra cómo se ponderaron las variables en nuestro análisis.
1. (of person, object) 
a. el peso (M) 
they're the same weightpesan lo mismo
to lose weightadelgazar, perder peso
to put on weightengordar, ganar peso
to have a weight problemtener un problema de peso
2. (for scales, of clock) 
a. la pesa (F) 
weights and measurespesos y medidas
weight traininggimnasia con pesas
3. (load) 
a. la peso m, carga (F) 
4. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
that's a weight off my mindme he quitado or
to carry weightinfluir, tener peso
transitive verb
5. (bias) 
a. no direct translation 
the system is weighted in his favorel sistema se inclina a su favor
weight [weɪt]
1 (heaviness) peso (m)
sold by weight vendido a peso
to gain weight engordar; ganar peso
a package three kilos in weight un paquete que pesa tres kilos; un paquete de tres kilos
to lose weight adelgazar; perder peso
to put on weight engordar; ganar peso
the fence couldn't take his weight and collapsed la valla no aguantó su peso y se vino abajo
check that your floor can take the weight of a cast iron bath
to take the weight off one's feet sentarse a descansar
to chuck or throw one's weight about ir de sargento (informal)
to throw one's weight behind sb apoyar a algn con toda su fuerza
the government is throwing its weight behind the reforms el gobierno está apoyando con toda su fuerza las reformas
it is worth its weight in gold vale su peso en oro
that's a weight off my mind eso me quita un peso de encima
he doesn't pull his weight no hace su parte or lo que le corresponde
2 (in clock, for scales) pesa (f); peso (m)
unit of measure (heavy object)
weights and measures pesas (f) y medidas; the doctor has forbidden me to lift heavy weights el médico me ha prohibido levantar peso
3 (importance) peso (m)
these are arguments of some weight son argumentos de cierto peso; those arguments carry great weight with the minister esos argumentos influyen poderosamente en el ministro; those arguments carry no weight with the minister esos argumentos no influyen en el ministro; they won by sheer weight of numbers ganaron simplemente porque eran más; to give due weight to sth dar la debida importancia a algo
he failed to give due weight to their opinions The key to health from this perspective lies in giving due weight to all the different aspects of your life
to lend weight to sth darle más peso a algo
This appears to lend weight to her claim that she was in London at the time
transitive verb
(add weight to) cargar; dar peso a; (hold down) sujetar con un peso;
weight gain (n) aumento (m) de peso
...side effects including weight gain and menstrual irregularities Because carbohydrate is the first thing to be used up when the body is called upon to do any exercise, it doesn't get the chance to remain in the body and cause weight gain
weight limit (n) límite (m) de peso
weight loss (n) pérdida (f) de peso
...the importance of a healthy balanced diet for weight loss Now it's not losing weight that produces cancer. It's having cancer that leads to weight loss
weight problem (n)
to have a weight problem tener problemas de peso
Gascoigne looks extremely fit and has no weight problem she has a weight problem heavy drinking can cause a serious weight problem he had been fighting a weight problem for 15 years
weight training (n) entrenamiento (m) con pesas
weight watcher (n) persona (f) que vigila el peso or cuida la línea
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