weigh down

weigh down
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
a. cargar 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to be weighed down with griefestar abrumado(a) por la pena
weigh down
transitive verb
1 (hold down) sujetar (con un peso/una piedra etc)
he weighed the tarpaulin down with stones
don't take anything with you that will weigh you down no te lleves nada que te suponga demasiado peso
he wrenched off his sneakers - if they had to swim he didn't want anything weighing him down
she was weighed down with parcels iba muy cargada de paquetes; a branch weighed down with fruit una rama muy cargada de fruta
2 agobiar; abrumar (literary)
to be weighed down with or by sorrow estar abrumado por la pena; he felt weighed down with or by responsibilities se sentía agobiado por las responsabilidades; I was weighed down by guilt me pesaba el sentimiento de culpabilidad; the government is weighed down with or by debt el gobierno está cargado de deudas
maybe he was weighed down by the burden of state secrets
to weigh down on sb agobiar a algn; abrumar a algn (literary); sorrow weighed down on her la pena la abrumaba
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