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1. tejido (m) (pattern)
verbo transitivo (pt weaved or wove [wəʊv], pp weaved or woven [ˈwəʊvən])
2. tejer
  • a skillfully woven plot (sentido figurado) una trama muy bien urdida
intransitive verb
3. tejer
  • to weave through the traffic (sentido figurado) avanzar zigzagueando entre el tráfico
weave [wiːv] wove (past)woven (participle:past)
tejido (m)
transitive verb
1 [+fabric, basket] tejer
2 [+story] urdir
she had worked her magic and woven her spell with cynical amusement As his music weaves its spell, watch for the images
he wove a story round these experiences urdió una historia con estas experiencias; he wove these details into the story entretejó or intercaló estos detalles en el cuento
they wove a web of deception around their activities
3 weaved wove weaved woven (zigzag)
to weave one's way through the crowd abrirse paso entre la multitud; he weaved or wove his way to the bathroom fue hasta el baño haciendo eses
intransitive verb
1 tejer
2 weaved (past) (move in and out) zigzaguear
Sanducci noticed that he was weaving as he walked. Drunken son-of-a-bitch
he weaves from side to side, trying to dodge his opponent va zigzagueando or se mueve de lado a lado intentando esquivar a su rival; the motorbike was weaving in and out of the traffic la motocicleta zigzagueaba or se abría paso entre los coches; the road weaves about a lot el camino tiene muchas curvas; el camino serpentea mucho (literary)
to get weaving poner manos a la obra
let's get weaving! ¡pongamos manos a la obra!
Verb Conjugations for tejer
Gerund: tejiendo
Participle: tejido
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