1. (action) 
a. el lavado (M) 
to have a washlavarse
to give something a washlavar algo
give the floor a good washfriega bien el suelo
your jeans are in the washtus vaqueros están para lavar
2. (fig) 
it will all come out in the washtodo se arreglará
3. (of ship) 
a. la estela (F) 
transitive verb
4. (clean) 
a. lavar 
5. (floor) 
a. fregar 
to wash oneselflavarse
to wash one's face/one's handslavarse la cara/las manos
to wash the dishesfregar or lavar los platos
6. (fig) 
to wash one's hands of somethinglavarse las manos en cuanto a algo
the cargo was washed ashoreel mar arrastró el cargamento hasta la costa
he was washed overboardun golpe de mar lo tiró or
intransitive verb
7. (wash oneself) 
a. lavarse 
8. (colloquial) 
that won't wash!¡eso no se lo cree nadie!
wash [wɒʃ]
1 (act of washing)
that jacket could do with a wash a esa chaqueta no le vendría mal un lavado
I went upstairs for a wash and brush-up
to give sth a wash (gen) lavar algo
I think I'll give the car a wash this afternoon
to give one's hands/face a wash lavarse las manos/la cara; to have a wash lavarse
she had a wash and changed her clothes your face [needs] a wash those jeans need a wash the treatment leaves hair glossy and lasts for 10 to 16 washes
2 (in washing-machine) lavado (m)
this setting gives you a cool wash en esta posición la máquina hace un lavado en frío
3 (laundry) colada (f)
I do a big wash on Mondays los lunes hago una colada grande
she does a weekly wash on Fridays
I had two washes on the line tenía dos coladas en el tendedero
[in] the wash put your shirt [in] the wash
your jeans are in the wash (being washed) tus vaqueros se están lavando; (with dirty clothes) tus vaqueros están con la ropa sucia; the colours run in the wash los colores destiñen con el lavado
to send sheets [to] the wash
it'll all come out in the wash al final, todo se arreglará
be sorted out this insider trading business, all these shady deals on the stock exchange - it'll all come out in the wash, you know
4 [of ship, plane] estela (f)
our little boat was rocking violently in the wash of a ship that had passed
5 [of paint, distemper] capa (f); (Art) aguada (f)
the walls had been painted with a blue wash the car's headlights sent a wash of pale light over the snow she primes the carving using /a series of thin washes of color/ to achieve depth of color Diebenkorn used oil paint in thin washes so you could see the revisions
transitive verb
1 (clean) [+clothes, car] lavar; [+floor] fregar
women washing clothes in the river can you wash my shirt? I really must wash the car this weekend he got a job washing dishes in a local restaurant you can wash the kitchen floor when you've done that
to wash the dishes fregar (los platos); lavar los platos
to wash sth [clean]
the rain had washed the verandah clean la lluvia había limpiado la terraza
dirty dishes in water, soaking, waiting for someone to come and wash them clean rain hissing down through the trees, washing everything clean taking a rock about the size of his head, he washed it clean and put it in the pot she felt washed clean [of] all the bad experiences of the past the rain washed the buildings clean [of] all the dust they pretend that they have washed their hands clean of the political muck
to get washed lavarse
you are going to have your dinner, get washed and go to bed
to wash one's hands/hair lavarse las manos/el pelo
go and wash your hands I was in the middle of washing my hair
to wash one's hands of sth lavarse las manos de algo; desentenderse de algo
they have washed their hands of any responsibility in this affair the report accuses European governments of washing their hands of responsibility for political refugees
to wash one's hands of sb despreocuparse de algn
"suppose I don't come?" - "then I wash my hands of you" if Charles was my patient I would wash my hands of him
2 (paint)
to wash the walls with distemper dar una mano de pintura (al temple) a las paredes
3 (lap) [+sea, waves] bañar
an island washed by a blue sea una isla bañada por el mar azul
4 (sweep, carry) arrastrar
the sea washed it ashore el mar lo arrastró hasta la playa; the house was washed downstream la casa fue arrastrada río abajo; he was washed overboard cayó del barco arrastrado por las olas
intransitive verb
1 (have a wash) lavarse; (wash the dishes) fregar
they looked as if they hadn't washed in days
(do the washing) lavar (la) ropa
I'll wash and you dry yo friego y tú secas
I usually wash on a Friday the women were down at the river bank, washing the machine's still washing
2 (be washable) [+fabric]
will it wash? ¿se puede lavar?
a fabric that washes well
man-made fabrics usually wash well los tejidos sintéticos suelen lavarse bien
that excuse won't wash! ¡esa excusa no cuela! (informal)
the masculine pride argument won't wash at a time when such a high percentage of women now work outside the home this whole effort to try to redefine him as some kind of a crazy radical who is in the pocket of Congress just won't wash
3 [+sea, waves]
the sea washed against the cliffs el mar batía contra los acantilados
the river was washing against the top of the bridge
small waves gently washed over the coral reef las pequeñas olas bañaban suavemente el arrecife de coral
the sea washed over the promenade
the oil washed ashore quite near here el petróleo fue arrastrado a la orilla bastante cerca de aquí
wash bag (n) (US) neceser (m)
I always keep an extra packed wash bag in my bathroom cabinet
wash cycle (n) ciclo (m) de lavado
wash house (n) lavadero (m)
wash leather (n) gamuza (f)
wash sale (n) (US) venta (f) ficticia
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