1. (advanced notice) 
a. el aviso (M) 
The fire department gave the neighbors a warning to leave their apartments.Los bomberos les dieron un aviso a los vecinos para que se marcharan de sus pisos.
The warning of the tornado came too late for some neighborhoods.La advertencia del tornado llegó demasiado tarde para algunas colonias.
2. (admonition) 
The teacher gave the rowdy student a final warning.El profesor le dio una última advertencia al estudiante ruidoso.
3. (of threat) 
a. de aviso 
The police received a warning message before the kidnapping.La policía recibió un mensaje de aviso antes del secuestro.
4. (of caution) 
There's a warning sign above the laboratory door. Hay un letrero de advertencia arriba de la puerta del laboratorio.
1. (caution) 
a. el advertencia f, aviso (M) 
to give somebody a warninghacer una advertencia a alguien
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
warning signseñal de alarma
3. (advance notice) 
a. el aviso (M) 
without warningsin previo aviso
warning [ˈwɔːnɪŋ]
(caution) advertencia (f); (advance notice) aviso (m); advertencia (f)
this is a final warning esta es la última advertencia
This, then, is a final warning.
let me just add a note of warning quisiera añadir una nota de advertencia; to be a warning to sb ser una advertencia para algn
his death is a warning to us all/ of the dangers of drinking and driving/
let this be a warning to you que te sirva de advertencia; his employer gave him a warning about lateness el patrón le advirtió que no debía seguir llegando tarde; his heart attack was a warning su ataque al corazón fue un aviso or una advertencia
his heart attack was a warning that he had to cut down his work A warning of the dangers of smoking Thank you for the warning. Harry refused to heed the warning. The weather forecast [gave] a warning of gales a gale warning/flood warnings for the South West of England a severe weather warning was given/issued for the whole of Scotland there have been flood warnings for parts of North Wales the Bank of England has given a warning that many small businesses may be bankrupted she gave me a warning not to do it again Dad gave a warning to them not to look directly at the sun. he gave me no warning that he was about to leave
they only had five minutes' warning before the bomb went off les dieron un aviso solo cinco minutos antes de que la bomba hiciese explosión; solo les avisaron or advirtieron cinco minutos antes de que la bomba hiciese explosión
We only had five-minutes warning to clear the square before the bomb went off. they need 14 days warning if you want to make a withdrawal
you could have given me a bit more warning me podrías haber avisado or advertido con más tiempo
they had no advance warning of the attack no advance warning of the President's departure was given to give sb [fair] warning ...if Mrs Reagan should drop by for tea, I trust you'll give me fair warning.
without (any) warning sin previo aviso
Mary left her husband without any warning. the plane crashed without warning the bomb went off without warning
[+sign, signal] de aviso; de advertencia
There are no warning signs to keep people away The train driver apparently ignored warning signals
[+look, label] de advertencia
She opened her mouth to protest, caught Kathryn's warning glance and closed it again "How much does running the estate cost?" I asked, ignoring Duncan's warning frown to go easy Our concentration was focused by a warning call from Geoff — "One minute to go" Mortlake strode on, ignoring the car, and making no effort to get out of its way, in spite of a further warning hoot All types of cigarettes are required to carry the same warning labels Colourful warning symbols appear on the neon display dials We have had a warning letter from the Post Office about our dog's aggressive behaviour
to sound a warning note dar una señal de advertencia
The Danish referendum has sounded a warning note The scientists produced their own declaration which sounded an urgent warning note
the warning signs of depression los indicios de la depresión
Watch out for the warning signs of depression like insomnia The ads are backed by booklets detailing warning signs of drug abuse
warning bell (n)
to set off warning bells enviar señales de alarma
While the promises of big profits ought to set off warning bells, they often don't He didn't understand the half of it but warning bells were beginning to ring in the back of his mind
warning device (n) dispositivo (m) de alarma
A warning device told the team I had a slow puncture and they screamed at me on the radio to come in They failed to examine the unit to ensure safety features and warning devices operated correctly
warning light (n) señal (f) luminosa
Each sensor protects one particular zone and is linked to a warning light in a central control room The oil pressure warning light began flashing intermittently.
warning shot (n) disparo (m) de advertencia
Police fired warning shots to disperse the crowds He was fatally wounded after he ignored warning shots from frontier guards and tried to run away
to deliver or fire a warning shot hacer una advertencia
the United States has fired a warning shot in its trade dispute with China In their judgment yesterday, the law lords delivered a warning shot to the government
warning triangle (n) (Aut) triángulo (m) de advertencia
As a motorist you will need a red warning triangle, full insurance and registration papers
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Love Warning
Advertencia de amor
warning sign
señal de alerta, señal de alarma
third warning
tercera advertencia
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